Monday, 28 November 2016

Saturday Catchup

Work started in earnest and we stripped quite a lot of vegetation out of the area where the slabs were to go.  OH last weekend had laid the slabs out roughly where we wanted them to place the shed on.  However we needed to get the fixative underneath.  We spent quite a bit of time trying to do that with not very good results.  The slabs needed quite a bit of lifting up due to the ground being sloping and at the bottom.  In the end we realised that we did not have enough fixative and would need to be able to go and get some more on Sunday morning.  By the time we realised it was dusk, and extremely cold so into the house we retreated.

We really need to get the internet and the TV sorted out.  We have an Amazon Fire stick but there are problems with the loading of the films we believe the signal is too slow the same with the Internet.  So that will have to happen next week when I am home.  I will strip the front room out so that we can solve the problem hopefully.  This room needs to be nice and tidy as does the rest of the house as it will in effect be my bedroom for a couple of days after the operation until I am able to get myself upstairs.

I also had my pre-operative assessment and further Xrays of my feet last week.  Not looking forward to this, one iota.  The only good things out of this are that I am not diabetic, and I have lost more weight.  I am the lightest I have been in a long time, but still need to shift some more if I can.  I am not dieting just watching portion control and walking everywhere if and when I am up to it.  If I am not so good I take things steadier  - frustrating but the only way to deal with things.  One thing I am going to have to do is to prepare a sock or two to cover my tootsies as the boot (according to the nurse will leave my toes uncovered).

Oh well upwards and onwards.  Tomorrow is another day.

Catch you soon.



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