Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday Ramblings

I have had a lovely  civilised start to my Sunday morning OH deciding that it would be good to go and get a milky coffee and breakfast at The Granary the caf√©/restaurant which is attached to the Butchers at Willowbrook Farm.  This is where I went to learn how to make pork pies earlier in the year.

We subsequently arrived and unusually for a Sunday morning they had not many in so we more or less had it to ourselves.  OH had a fry and I had a bacon butty.   They also do a fab traditional plain food Sunday lunch.  All prices are quite reasonable.

Before we left we popped into the butchery to have a look at the extras.   We did not need any meat today but I did spot something that I have been looking for, for a while.  Some Quinces.  I bought 3kg at £2 per kg.  Now I need to sort some recipes out.  But I am pleased that I have located some.  A couple of Quince trees would be on my list for trees in the dream house as well as a couple of damson trees.

From there OH took me on to Aldi.   It is ages since I have been to Aldi and to tell the truth I was not really fussed.   A couple of bits took my fancy and I will probably go back once in a blue moon to have a look around but I actually prefer Lidl.   The food choices suit me much more and the prices.  So I bought a few bits from there including an enamel preserving pan and a heart shaped bundt cake pan.

From there I asked OH if he would drop me at Lidl as they have had an Italian week this past week and there were a few goodies that I wanted for the Christmas stockpile - with this operation I have had to up things a gear and so despite OHs complaints about it being too early I am afraid I am getting things done whilst I can.  I ended up buying more nuts and fruit for baking as I also intend to get my normal baking done as well.   So the food side is very quickly coming together and now that the pantry is sorted I should be able to find things a lot easier. I do however need to do something about the freezers.  Shall have to have a think about that.

So that's the first part of the day over with.  Am off to the kitchen to do some preserving.  I also have Sunday lunch to cook.   We are having roast pork with all the trimmings.   The coldness of today calls for comfort food.

Catch you later.

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