Monday, 28 November 2016

This shed is not going too well

Or perhaps that should be the base is not going too well.  OH was in a hurry and ended up skimping and the base was even more higgly piggledy.  He was keen to get the shed up for me. 

However we ended up having words about this as it just was not right and I was not paying out good money to have it bodged and I told him so. 

He eventually came round to my way of thinking and we eventually got the base sorted out after going a couple of more times to get the fixative.  We have also got the fluorescent lights, extension leads, wiring, light switches, cover for the wire so it does not get wet etc. etc.  But the base is done - hurrah but it was dusk again before we finished and so the shed has not been started.  We are hoping to do a bit during the week of an evening when OH gets home. 

OH has been suffering with his back again today  - he has a disc that pops out and causes problems every now and then and so has to take it steady when like this and humping all the sacks of fixative as well as the slabs will not have helped.  But at least the base is sound and is going to hold the shed safely, but we needed to pad about six of the slabs quite heftily with the fixative because of the land being out so much.  I had visions of my freezers going downhill all the way!

We did not have Sunday tea roast per se tonight but had a pre-cooked meal each which was warm and saved me messing around too much.

We also watched the first of a new series of Return to the Chateau on Channel 4 at 8:pm with Dick Strawbridge, new wife Angel and their children and their efforts in turning the Chateau into a running business as well as a home.  Was quite good.

I ache tonight with all the humping of slabs and the fixative - I did my fair share of shifting things about because of OHs issues with his back..

Right must get a wriggle on.  Work in the morning and lots to do before then.

Catch you soon.



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