Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wednesday catch up

Woke up to the first frost of the season this morning and boy was it cold.  Too cold so at dinner I have been out and bought a couple of new hot water bottles for my tootsies or to use when I am sat down not that an awful lot of that is going on at the moment.  I even have a hot water bottle at work to wedge into my back when it is playing up.  Simple things like this often make the difference between being cold and warm.  I even have somewhere a traditional stone hot water bottle.

I have also bought two new plug socket boards as well as the ones I had were only cheapie ones and not enough plug sockets in.  May well have to get some more but at least have made a start.  Needed for the kitchen and the dining room.

I went out and by 6:30pm this evening the temperature had dropped to 4 degrees and it is even colder now. 

I went onto the market today to see if I could locate any fabric suitable for a heavy door curtain for the kitchen door and also for the front door.  Did not see anything that I thought would be suitable so I may well pop into John Lewis tomorrow evening after work to see if I can see anything suitable there.  If not may well start researching online to see if I can source something suitable. He did not have any more of the apple green gingham although I will keep my eye out  for this.  He did say he would have more in.

I was going to do a couple of more hours ironing this evening but I am too tired so shall give it a miss although shall get stuck in again tomorrow night.

Right my bed is calling.

Catch you later.

Pattypan xx

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