Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Well the best laid plans of Mice and Men

Frequently end up being given a detour.  I had this evening all planned out and what have I done - absolutely nothing.  The first thing to go wrong and cause an issue was that I ran out of printer ink.  Not a big thing in the outline plan of things but when you have a Committee Meeting looming and need to print out Minutes fairly pronto then it does become an issue.  OH was less than Impressed but we waited until a little later before going to PC World to obtain new cartridges.  To tell you the truth I have not done that much printing and the printer still had the original cartridges in.   I also needed a new keyboard which I have now got and some printing paper.  \Of course you need a degree to operate some of this equipment I kid you not.  I ended up going on You Tube to find a tutorial to replace the cartridges, but all done and dusted now.  Everything seems to be working properly.

I have started a proper recipe binder to squirrel away all the recipes that I want to try and so I can keep tabs on them as I have a habit of losing them.  Thought it might be sensible to do this so when I have a preserving session planned to all intents and purposes the recipes will be altogether so that I can just get stuck in.  This was one of the reasons I got stuck in and sorted the pantry out so that I could find stuff and just have a baking or preserving session where everything was easily found.

As it was later than usual we stopped off for a kebab on the way home as we have not had one for quite a while.  We had ordered lamb and got chicken.  Very pleasant but not what we had ordered and not what I had planned for tea!  Looks as though OH is getting roast pork and apple sauce sandwiches to take to work with him tomorrow.  Waste not want not.

OH well detours!

I might get on a do a bit more on the ironing front shortly to see if I can get a bit more out of the way.  Every little helps especially when I have far too much to do as usual.  I also have a little more washing to do as well and some of the stuff cannot go in the tumbler so ends up being dried on a coat hanger. Usually my jumpers.

Right had better get a wriggle on lots to do as usual.

Catch you soon.



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