Sunday, 25 December 2016

Its the simple things thst mean the most

This year i handed over responsibility for Christmas dinner to the oh and despite the meal being later than usual he has not done too bad a job.  Although i think he was disappointed as he is normally cooked for.  But credit where credit is due we have had a decent meal and i have been able to rest.  I overdid it yesterday and ended up with the most horrendous cramps in both legs top to bottom. So i have rested more today.

Really in simple terms we all celebrate in our own ways and with ourvown customs and traditions but at the end of the day it comes down to making the most of what you have and appreciating anything or everything that comes your way. You learn that way and sort out things that are relevant for next time round.  We have a roof over our heads a lovely meal in our stomachs. More than enough to be grateful for.

However today has also been about remembering those no longer with us and being grateful for family and close friends.  Thank you for being on my journey thus far and for the journeys yet to be taken.  Whether that be for a short time a season or a lifetime.  Thank you for being there
 Merry Christmas and catch you soon.

Pattypan xx


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  2. Merry Christmas Pattypan - hope you're feeling better soon and a Happy New Year too xxx

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  4. A very Happy New Year to you PP, I hope you soon feel better. Love and


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