Sunday, 4 December 2016

Stinking Bishop

Well our highly amoratic Stinking Bishop has arrived together with a note from the Post Office extremely apologetic about the state of the item and inviting us to make a claim about it  not being in good condition.  It had been wrapped well in a padded parcel pack but the Post Office had wrapped it in a polythene bag and put this notice on.  I did chuckle to myself - perhaps it would not be a good idea to try and explain to them exactly what it was.  However pleasing in one sense that they were taking responsibility for something they have no responsibility for.  Its meant to stink that's why it is called Stinking Bishop!

Anyways I am extremely pleased with the very prompt service.  The providers suggest that we keep it in a separate sealable container in the fridge so that the fridge does not become over-scented so that is where it is in a container with a lid all ready for us to tuck into. 

Now I need some Camembert as well  - we love it baked in the oven with garlic, and then served with dipping sticks until it is all gooey and melted.  That comes in a wooden box as well.  Same treatment in a container I think.  Good simple food washed down by a nice cider or perry or shandy.  I shall soon be mulling the wine and the cider.

Catch you soon.



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