Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Exercising my fingers paet 4

I have now managed to complete all the squares 24 in total w x6 for the back and 2 x 6 for the fronts x 2.  All loose ends have been woven in on each of the 24 indibidual squares. I have now started joining up the squares. Things are starting to come together although I still have an extensive amount of joining to do before yet more crochet. There is now stacked in my work box 2 different piles of squares. I have started with the back of the hot water bottle covers.  This part may take me a little time but i am being good and concentrating on the one item i.e the hot water bottle covers x 2 and it will be good to get them completed and popped up ready for use.  I have 2 new hot water bottles for the covers.

Most importantly it has got my hands going.  In my real life i am a secretary and therefore typing all day long and as i have no internet connection to my main computer my hands have not been used for typing for the past three and a half weeks which is the longest time ever.  Every little helps and i do not want to lose the dexterity. Typing one fingered on a miniscule kepad on my phone is not my bag.  Its far too slow for me and besides i am used to using both hands.

One final instalment should complete the project and hopefully that will be achieved in the next few days.  Catch you soon.  Pattypan xx

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