Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Exercising my fingers part 3

A view inside my crochet workbox for the Wip the crochet hot water bottle covers.  The front grannys have been worked jn white pink and blue and the backs just in white and blue. I just have one and a half squares of 24 squares to work.  Pnce they are done it will be a case of sewing in the ends and then joining the pieces to form the body of the cover.  I have akso to make white cotton padded inners to make on the sewing machine but will get the cover part done first. Just to keep it looking neat and tidy. I am pleased with how it is working up so far. As I have said before it is inspiring me to make a quilt in these colours and also a crochet blanket. Will have to see in due course.  These covers started out with me wanting to do something with my hands and utilising some remnants of left over wool. I also had no pattern and have made it up as I have gone along. Now to get the sewing up done.  Catch you soon. Pattypan xx

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