Friday, 13 January 2017

Exercising my fingers Part Onei

One of my main craft hobbies has always been crochet.  I am not perfect by any means but i have a go usually on the blanket or throw front. However i have for the past couple of months been looking at hot water bottle covers on different sites particularly at patchwork heart and other various sites as well and have decided to let my fingers do their stuff and hopefully a hit water bottle cover will evolve.  I am using a basic granny patch to start with and using some left over wool in pale pink pale blue and white.  I have managed to work the front granny squares this evening i still have the back to go. I just had the urge to do something with my hands tonight for a change.  Once i work my pattern out i would quite like to do a couple of covers with raised flowers on but lets get this one done first.  If it works out will be another line for the home made Christmas presents. So i am playing and letting my fingers do their thing. I like the colour choice so much so i am contemplating making a patchwork quilt in this colourway it is very pretty.  The cover itself seems to be working up very quickly.  I might also do a throw in this colourway too. Will have to see how things go.  Well thats the first six Granny squares now to do the back.

Now to work the back. Once the back is worked I will then join the squares and neaten up the ends and then start the finishing crochet to join the two panels of six give it an opening with button loops and a neck collar. Hopefully catch you later. Pattypan.

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