Saturday, 21 January 2017

Fabric for Patchwork

I went to my local Charity shop yesterday just for a look around and have ended up finding three mens shirts in pale blues and tourquoise. These at some point will now have to be stripped down to salvage the fabric for recycling into a quilt.   I also pop any buttons into my button box ans they are either recycled on clothing or other craft items. As a child I used to be given my aunts button box to keep me amused and out of mischief. I tend to prefer the larger sizes of shirt as you get more fabric out of them but I liked the fabric in each of these so there will be a little less to play with on these. Fortunately yesterday the shirts only cost £2 each which made a big change.

I have also recently heard if another charity shop which is a luttle way off and an area I am familiar with as I used to live there as a child.  Will go and have a shifty ons day.  But at least yesterday I was able to acquire more fabric for the quilt stash which will be my first quilt. I know its a bit of messing about doing it this way but at least I am keeping costs to a minimum and recycling items into something practical and useful. If there are any scraps left over I will probably use them in other projects as well utilising folded patchwork and Dresden Plate. I will just have to see what is available to play with but having a potential outline does help and then it will come down to patience in preparing the fabric and cutting and then piecing so that the placing will please the eye.  However I still need some more fabric yet.  Hopefully this will be the next main project after the Butterfly cushion.  I am still inbetween everything else working the hot water bottle covers and then the cushion.  However I like to be ahead of the game in that I like to collect everything together in advance so that when I am ready to get on I can just go to it.  I am enjoying my craftwork again. It has been soothing and pleasurable.

Catch you later.  Pattypan xx

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