Monday, 30 January 2017

Needlework and craft stuff

One of the plans that I have is to sort out all my charts and instructions for all my crafty stuff and that is why I have purchased all the storage stuff from Dunhelm including the magazine holders.  I thought it would be a start but I do have masses of craft magazines going back years. I managed to lose some of them recently due to a burst pipe but that was beyond my control. However what remains needs sorting and at least it is a start and at least it will keep all my Leisure Craft charts clean and safe.  I have cross stitch needlepoint embroidery crochet heneral craft magazines etc. etc. which I am loath to let go as many of the things I would still like to try and make. Oh for enough hours in the day.  Wherever possible I always try to plan things where I can i.e. if I know I am going to be starting something like the patchwork I try and get in place all those items and consumables and fabric that I will need before starting.

 I have been collecting for some time old cotton shirts which I intend to use to do my own patchwork.  I still have a major job to do in stripping down the shirts they have already been washed and then collating all the fabric together in readiness for having a go at my first proper patchwork quilt. Which I hope to get to grips with fairly soon.

I have also purchased some cream cotton and calico off traders on ebay as it works out cheaper as well as cotton for use in other quilts.  I have several ideas in mind for different style quilts but will start with the upcycled ones first.  Am keeping to simple block styles first but I would like to have a go at a Dresden plate and also English paper pieced quilts in due course. I particularly like star and hexagon style patterned quilts.

I have also ordered some linen fabric in neutral colours as for this Christmas coming I want to have a mixture of Christmas themed cushion covers using different mediums to effect a more Christmassy decor.  Trouble is cushion covers cost a fortune in the shops yet I know I can make them myself at a fraction of the cost. There was a time when I used to do copious amounts of sewing including my own clothes. So I am not  stranger to sewing and am looking to expand my repertoire.

I have also bought some Donna Kooler Christmas Stocking charts worked in needlepoint and cross stitch.  I am waiting for those to arrive together with a couple of patchwork books one on English paper piecing and the other on Crazy patchwork and suitable embroidery embellishments.

Also ordered are another candlewick cushion kit I already have a couple of kits and this one is a different design.  There are also a couple of what are known as pillowcase dolls kits.  I have ordered two different designs.  A little indulgence for myself. There are also two pillowcase kits with a Crinoline Lady to embroider on each.

So despite me working hard to complete the kits there is also a lot of planning and plotting going on behind the scenes as well. Everything I make has a specific style like for instance for my best room lounge I have been working needlepoint cushions roses and flowers with colours pink cream and green predominantly but there are variations to this as well to add a little more interest.

I am very lucky that every so often I indulge myself with some new crafty bits and bobs but there was a time when Oh was out of work for 4.5 years when I could not. So the bits and bobs I had accumulated before then kept my hands busy and me sane during this time.

I have chosen poppies and wild flowers and wildlife for the dining room. Etc etc. Everything has a theme or colour scheme and blends very well together.  A lot of panels have been worked but not yet made up into cushion Covers although that may well change this year. I also have my father's piano stool which needs a bit of a revamp. I intend to find a nice needlepoint to work to cover the lid and then touch up the scratches and give it a good polish.

So there is lots of things I would like to accomplish this year will see how it goes in the long term but it will not be for the lack of trying or planning.  So all grist to the mill and upwards and onwards.

Are you planning on doing anything on the craft front this year.  Do share would love to know.  Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx

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