Monday, 27 March 2017

A little bit of a bargain

Ostensibly I nipped into Lakeland during the week to get some refill jars and mini jars to use with packups for my lunch.  I could not locate them to start with.

 However found a pack of 2 x 1 litre pots together with two smaller lunch pack pots for under a tenner. So I was quite chuffed to have found them.  The brand is Easiyo and I have been using it for years having first come across it in the Pleterborough health food shop which used to be in the old arcade. This was at a time when I had the children at home and they were eating a lot of yogurt and it was costing a lot. I found that the sachets were good quality although at the time it was just plain yogurt.  The best bit for me is that the system uses just a kettle of boiling water and the large thermos flask to makeim so saving energy as well.

Also you dont have to use the sachets now available in a whole lit of flavours but can use fresh milk to fill the inner pot which has been scalded not boiled milk and then a tablespoon of live yogurt mix together and left overnight the same as for the Easiyo.  Makes a lot of yogurt to which you can add your own fruit flavourings using jam or pureed fruit etc.  We used to be able to get sterilised milk which saved the scalded milk process as the milk has already been heated but sadly I have not seen it for years.

There are other methods of pricessing your own yogurt like using sterilised Kilner jars and the same mixture in a dehydrator or in a slow cooker or where I started off with a little six pot yogurt maker that my mum had for my brother and I.  I still have that original machine which goes back to my teenage years.

So when you have kids in the house quite often in those days ar least you could not buy a litre of natural yogurt.  You can also make Labneh which is a yogurt middle eastern cheese mixed with herbs.

However I have been diverted away from the original subject me finding a bargain for the sum of £8 a full beginners Easiyo beginners set which is basically the thermos the inner pot and standing baffle with a lid which normally retails at ariund £19 to £20. So I dont think I did too badly.  And the sachets make lovely yogurt I really do like it but nit everyone has £3 or thereabouts to buy the individual sachets but there is always an alternative somewhere.  Just have to go looking for it.

This is ny own personal view based on trial and experience.  I have received no inducement or payment for this post.  Its just I think the basic system is great as ut saves energy and money all the way round.

Catch you later.

Pattypan x

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