Saturday, 25 March 2017

These things r sent to try us

Hello everyone sorry its been a while there have been problems chiefly with my health. In the past six weeks I have had two epileptic attacks the second one at work which resulted in the anbulance being called and me being off work.  No apparent reason as have really been trying to look after myself which I am not too good at doing everyone else yes but not myself.  I think it was a reaction to the foot surgery I had and the rough trot with the anaesthesia and then going into shock in recovery as well as being violently ill and then reacting to some meds they gave me and finding I was allergic to it.  Things always come out later rather than st the actual time with me usually when I relax.  I have also had an upset tummy and migraine as well to add to things.  Oh well as I have said before tiz just the depth that varies. Now I hope things will return to some kind of normality and start to do the things I really want to do including my cooking reading writing craft work gardening etc.  So much I want to do.

I have been sat here this morning nursing a large cup of milky coffee enjoying the sunlight that has been streaming through the front windows and realising that the front room windows need yet another going over.  But generally I have been chilling and just enjoying doing nothing for a change and relishing the heat from our gas boiler.  Due to a couple of communication issues between ourselves and a third party the heating has only just been rectified for which I am very grateful as I feel the cold so.  However we have had a couple of portable heaters so have not been titally without heat.

To add to that I have had internet and computer problems.  So as I say above these things are sent to try us and at the moment I feel my membership is fully paid up and thats the end of little problems.

Catch you later.

Pattypan xx


  1. Goodness me. Hope you are fully better. Rollercoaster.

  2. Well, let's hope that's all for now - my Goodness me, you have had a rough time since before Christmas. It's hard when you're trying to work full time and do all the little extra jobs round the house - it does catch up with you - the front windows will wait - you carry on resting up and take care xxx

  3. Everything seems to have snowballed and hit you at once. So sorry to hear you have been so poorly, and I hope that you are back on track again now, and can enjoy life again. If you ever need a holiday in Wales, just shout out . . . (Seriously).


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