Sunday, 2 April 2017

Apologies for he absence

I have now fallen foul of a horrible chest infection which ranges between losing your voice and having a raging sore throat lots of blowing noses and sneezing as well as being bunged up.  Needless to say I am stuffing myself full of vitamin C i am not drinking milk hot toddies mugs of cassis with hot water very soothing just before goinf to bed.  Oh has made me a batch of French Onion Soup so I am hoping that the hit of onion and garlic will knock it on the head.  In the past this has helped an awful lot. I would rather use food to help in the getting better process as really I am not keen on popping pills.  Probably as a result of having to take pills from the age of seven.  When something is enforced on you in my case I came to resent it. Potentially it was doing me good but in the circumstances I think it is a natural reaction one that I overcame for the best part but with me preferably trying alternative more natural methods.

I do owe some of you emails I am sorry for being so rude did not mean to be. apologies for not responding thus far however we have trouble with the email connection and I am having to do everything off my phone and that can be hit n miss.

I know its spring but the last few days have been lovely weatherwise.  I have started work in my small back garden which is mostly used for my herbs.  However I do need to restock these. I do however have some containers that came from my mums earlier I had one of her pots unexpectedly flower with crocus the London pride is thriving.

The violets are through the original plant belonged to my great grandmother my grandad transplanted it to his garden he gave a clump to my mum and she transplanted it to a tub which it remains in. There is also a rhubarb plant in there which came from my dads allotment. My great aunty Ivy's clematis has survived.  Silly I know but these plants mean a lot there is still a connection there still a memory.

Right am off to get some onion soup down me and also get some more washing on. Hopefully in the next few days I will be able to shift this cold.  I also want to get some seeds sown and also start getting stuck in with my preserving. Be back soon.

Pattypan x


  1. There is Never a good time for being under the weather.
    Get well soon and enjoy a good rest.

  2. sorry to hear you are having a run of bugs and things and hope you are soon well again :-)

  3. That soup does look good.



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