Monday, 17 April 2017

Crafty Sew n Sews

I have been stockpiling crafty items for a little while and now I really must start to get stuck in a little bit with the actual doing. That ws the plan for this weekend Oh was going fishing but changed his mind so what I had planned did not transpire. He tends to hang out in the computer/craft room so for me to concentrate I really need yo be on my todd.  I had planned in the first instance to use my Go cutter and cut out my pieces from the recycled shirts and then hopefully once that was achieved to then start sewing.  So this has been put off until he actually goes.  Then I really shall down tools and get stuck in.  I dont have much time to do things during the week so the weekends are ideal to get going on something like this.  I am getting frustrated though.

I also have some table cloths to make.  I have a huge solid pine farmhouse style table and it costs an arm and a leg to buy decent drapery unless I spot it on offer.  I have recently bought some yellow cotton plain and spotted to make the main cloth and some knapkins but also matching tablemats.  The yellow is a warm primrose yellow which blends very nicely with a poppy tablecloth and knapkin set I have.  The colours sound shocking but I think they dit well together. Background is a very lemony cream and the poppy crockery already collected and to which I am still adding to should also complement this. In case you were not aware I have a thing about poppies.

I love colour its vibrancy and the way you can blend things.  I am starting to collate bits together so that the front room can in turn be refurbished. I quite like pinks n purples and creamy whites and I like the Sanderson rose and peony fabric and have recently bought a remnant off ebay to frame and back some cushion covers.

I bought flowers this weekend and these colours go well in my room as is but should also go well with the Sanderson fabric.

I have the curtains which I got from a car boot sale a while back.  I tend to collate pieces together before I start on a room.  Things just kind of evolve. but I certainly love vibrant colours.  I tend to go more for country style with a bit of victorian mixed in as it is very forgiving.  I like and love solid furniture too. I also love upcycling things as well and putting my own twist on things.  Lets just say there are lots of little projects to start or which are in progres or near completion.  Things like embroidered tablecloths and pillow slips.  Collecting embroidered damaged pieces of needlework with a view of turning them into a crazy patchwork bedspreads reliving beautifully worked pieces into something useful. Its going to take me years at this rate but I do so enjoy playing and making things. Some serious craft time this summer is planned.  I also plan during the week when I cannot do much to quietly plod on with my hexie quilt.  This will take a while to work but I knew that when I started it but that is the whole point.  It will be hand created.  Loving what I am doing and every stitch sewed with love.  This quilt is being hand stitched.  The other quilts I have planned will be done on the sewing machine. Such a lot to do.

I also need new cotton bedlinen.  I dont like fitted sheets and always buy superking sized sheets as that is the size of my bed.  However I have in mind that I would like embroidered bedding as it always looks so pretty and feminine.  I have some patterns and transfers so that is something I would like to achieve in due course.  Thats the idea anyway.

I also have lots of whitework pieces waiting to be turned into cushion covers and quilt covers.  I have also been assembling the pieces for a while together with lace pieces.  I have puctures in my minds eye for all of these projects and they will happen in due course that is of course when I can settle to do some serious crafting.

However first I have some cushion covers to make utilising recycled needlework and also needlepoint pieces I have previously worked.  These will be for the front room revamp.  I also need to liberate some fabric from the storage unit to use in the cushions. I am using flowers roses either embroidered or needlepoint pieces as the common theme and maybe some vintage crinoline ladies as well.  I have the tablecloth that my great aunt worked.  However we will see how things pan out.

There are also the quilts to make as well.  I have most of the fabric for these
  Now just have to get stuck in.  Fingers crossed I get to play this weekend.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xc

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  1. You haven't posted for a while patty I hope you are okay xx


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