Friday, 14 April 2017

Good Friday Eating

From being a tiny child it has always been instilled in me no meat on Good Friday but we have always had fish and hot cross buns.  A celebration which when I was younger marked the march in time. This year is no different and we have some lovely fresh haddock for tea to be served with home made chips and fresh parsley sauce together with mushy peas and onion rings.  There are hot cross buns to finish if we want them.

The fishes and the bread.

So I am quite looking forward to my tea.  Its a while since we have had home made chips as well.  We dont like frozen store bought ones. And the parsley from my plants in the garden. The fish will be floured and seasoned and then gently fried.  Simple home cooking.  Friday night when I was growing up was always fish night too.  My Nan always used to make batter from egg flour and milk but she always added a touch of custard powder.  The mixture was always beaten well and a splash if vinegar also used to go into the batter and then the fish was coated and fried.  We all loved Nans batter.  I dont know quite how she did it at times but her food was delicious and she used to make a little go a long way.  I think it helped that they grew their own veggies and fruit and with the pigs and chickens were relatively well off when it came to good food but they put in a lot of work to achieve this.  They were organic before organics were born.  Marrows were always planted into the compost heap which gave the hungry plants the food they needed but also tidied up the compost heap and made it look more aestetically pleasing. Down the side of the back lawn there were espalier conference pears that used to look magnificent come blossom time and a rose arbour at the end with proper highly scented roses. I think this is where my love of roses comes from and the bee hives.  We always had pops honey on toast done on the Rayburn with lashings of honey.  That is until the bees stung him and he reacted.  He ended up having to give the bees up.

Anyways I seem to have wandered off track.  Whats new.

Catch you later.

Pattypan xx

It was tasty.

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