Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Herb Garden

I am after restocking my herb garden and have ordered a selection of different herb plants and seeds off ebay.  These include lovage and savory French tarragon lemon thyme lemon verbena golden sage, Oregano, chives, strawberry mint, pineapple mint, mandarin mintpurple sage, a variety of different mints and angelica to name but a few. I am hoping the majority arrive before the weekend so that I can get stuck in with the planting.  I want to grow as much herbage as I can to make my own herb mixes and make sure that I have a variety of flavourings to add to my cooking whether that be dring herbs and storing them or making vinegars and oils.

Oh is particularly fond of mint sauce and as a result I always put a lot of keeping mint sauce up when the leaves are at their freshest and then store it very finely chopped under vinegar.  There is no sugar in this so it is ideal for him with him being diabetic although when serving you can add a little sugar to it if you wish.

I have also ordered some alpine wild strawberries.  These little fruits are packed with flavour.  I know first hand as my cousin had them in her garden. I am hopung my plants will be as productive as hers were.  They will probably get popped into planters here to start with at least.  So very slowly at least the herb garden is coming together. I am ahead compared to last year but things can change at the drop of a hat.  I have a lot to do yet though.

Right upwards and onwards I am very much ready for the weekend.

Catch you shortly.

Pattypan xx


  1. I am starting re stocking my garden including the herbs , I managed to get some chives and oregano from free cycle though xxx

  2. Shame you aren't closer so you could share some of my herbs! Alpine strawberries grow like weeds in my garden! I've also got loads of self seeded sweet cecily which you can use to reduce sugar with fruit. If you want a reliable online herb nursery, I can't recommend Poyntzfield highly enough. The prices are reasonable and the quality is always excellent. Can I suggest you get some purple sage if you haven't already got some as that is the most medicinal. Good luck and do give me a shout if you want any advice.

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with them, I'm always referring back to your blog to inspire me with things like this :)


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