Thursday, 13 April 2017

More Easter Items

This year I have so far been concentrating on a few items for the Easter table. The other week I bought some ducks n drakes egg cups from Dunhelm which I am pretty pleased with.

The other evening whilst watching Tv I saw an advert for a well known supermarket that had some Geese egg cups and today I have purchased some of those.  They are much bigger than my ducks n drakes but I quite like these as well.

I have also bought two glass storm lanterns which are decorated with spring flowers and two small glass pillar candle stands which will go particularly well with two larger versions I bought at Christmas.

So am very pleased with the purchases obtained today. They should look lovely on the Easter table.  I have also bought some hanging eggs.  I thought I would collect some ling stemmed twig
Branches pop them in a vase and then decorate with  the hanging eggs and use as the centre piece for the table.  I also have loose eggs which I am going to use to decorate a couple of wreaths to pop either side of the twigs on the table.

I remember as a little girl being taught how to make chicken egg cosies out of felt beige felt and then a huge red felt wattle. A very simple project but it looks so effective. Maybe I will make some for next year.

I have also bought two little fluffy chickens also for the centre of the table.  I also have two bunny rabbit ornaments for the dressers and two bunny rabbit toast holders to go with the geese.  I now need to get some nice mugs cups to go with.

 Photos to follow.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan x


  1. Hiya Patty
    Hope you are feeling better now - I thought of you, the other day - I'd spent a couple of hours cutting out over 200 half square triangles for a cot quilt that I'm making and as I cranked the handle on the Sizzix for about the 100th time, I thought 'oh for an acuquilt machine' and I thought of you - are you pleased with yours? Have you had chance to use it much? I've started putting the cot quilt together and I'm enjoying working with the h.s. triangles and even though it took time with the Sixxiz they are going together far better than if I'd tried to cut them out myself - anyway I hope you are well, how's the crocheting coming along too? Speak soon xx

  2. Gosh, you do go to down for Easter. We used to have a chicken (capon) at Easter when I was a kid - the only other time apart from Christmas we indulged in such a luxury, due to the price of them.

    I love the sound of all your ornaments and wreaths etc and look forward to photos. We will be working right over the Easter weekend, so no time to indulge ourselves.


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