Friday, 14 April 2017

Putting stuff by to use out of season

We like our Sunday roasts throughout the year and are especially fond of roast potato sweet potato roasted shallots roast pumpkin.  So I always pop a load in the freezer for use until the fresh crops come back into season again. I also for the sake of convenience prepare carrots broccoli and other seasonal veg as it saves a lot of time during the week when time is at a premium. Thats just for the freezer.  There are other items too but preparing food whdn cauliflowers or carrots are on offer is a win win situation. It makes sure you have your own convenisnce food when needed it also ensures that family members can get a meal for themselves if for some reason you are not around.  I also prepare things like home made Cornish style pasties meat pies sausage rolls pie cases etc.  Its very much ip to you what you store away after all each persons pantry is calibrated to what you actually lose.

Tomorrow I intend to get some parsnips swede squash sweet potato and pop them up to use over the summer months. I also want to put some more veggie stock ala River Cottage the souper stock also to take us through to autumn when I will make more.

I also have some chillis to dry naturally.  I need to sit and string them.  I will get some more and string them during the week. Until i have enough dried for use in my pickled onions come autumn. This is just the start there is plenty yet to do.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx


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