Friday, 14 April 2017

The Plants are Starting to arrive

As a result of experiencing the delicious lemon thyme carrots I determined to locate some for my little back garden.  The little plants have arrived today and tomorrow I have the job of potting them on and growing them up a bit in one of my mini greenhouses.  I have also taken delivery of some corsican mint lovage devon lavender white and blue borage  and my 22 wild strawberry plants on the plant front. So a lot of potting up to do.

On the seed front I have received plain chervil and curled chervil seed and large French Sorrel, red veined sorrel, summer savory, winter savory and Angelica. Sorrel de Belville, humulus Lupulus (hop seed) specially for brewing your own beer
.  I also have pot marigold seed to plant (poor mans saffron).  There are still a lot more plants and seed to arrive. I am just determined to do what I can in the garden.  In the summer first thing if the weather is fine I like to have my breakfast in the garden.  I am after a small metal table with two chairs that i can pop in the corner near my shed so that i can enjoy breakfast cereal with a handful of fresh raspberries.  I have raspberry canes so I am hoping to get fruit but if not this year then next. I am trying to do a little bit at a time.  I have also bought some hanging bags pockets to pop herbs in and hang them off the fence or to fill with busy lizzies or something like that.

I have also bought another 12 strawberry plants to pop into hanging baskets or tubs. I got the six blackcurrant bushes potted up at the weekend as well as the three tayberries.  I have the loganberries to pot up.  So an awful lot to do but hopefully I will end up with lots of things to use fresh or preserved in my kitchen.

We are still waiting for the fence to be replaced by the landlord so one part of the harden cannot be dealt with yet.

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