Monday, 29 May 2017

A quick catch up

It has been a busy weekend and it started with the delivery of my new washing machine on Friday.

Saturday was a housework day.

Sunday started with a trip to B & Q for more compost and I ended up buying a load more plants including, beefsteak tomatoes, sungold tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and plum tomatoes on top of the nine plants I already have. of Moneymaker. Also  more strawberries and also some Globe Artichokes, more herbs etc.  Still more to do. 

Next year I hope to get myself sorted and my greenhouse back up and running (which it is not at present) so that I can set my own seeds.  That is my greatest pleasure sowing seeds and nurturing them from scratch.  However Rome was not built in a day.  I am determined to get as many tomatoes as I can for preserving and eating and I am also hoping for some green tomatoes so that I can make green tomato chutney come back end.  Home Grown tomatoes have much more flavour.   

The Globe Artichokes I have never tried although If I do not like them I am sure that one of my friends would like them.  I also have two cucumber plants - might get some more yet as I make

I had no intention of getting more plants yesterday but I succumbed and I think I will be going back for a few more plants yet.  Having bought more plants I now need more plant pots.

In the afternoon  I went to Orton Hall Hotel at Orton in Peterborough and met with friends to celebrate another friends birthday.  There were 10 of us in total and we met at 2:00pm and did not leave until 6:00pm.  A good time was had by all it was really good company and the tea was lovely.  I really enjoyed myself.

And the food was absolutely delicious.

Today Bank Holiday Monday I went in search of plant pots.  In Peterborough we have two B & M Stores, one in the high street and the other over on a retail park.  I had not been to the retail park one in sometime so I asked to go there.  OH was not harry chuffed.  In the event though we did not get into the B & M Store.  There was no parking and OH decided due to the amount of traffic lack of car parking spaces and ignorant so and sos just parking up where they thought fit and not being checked by the car parking attendances it was an absolute cock up from start to finish.  From going in and not being able to park and get in the shop we then spent 45 minutes trying to get out.  OH was going ballistic by this time especially with the dangerous driving of some inconsiderate queue jumpers.

When we did get out OH took me to the one in town and I ended up being able to get the pots I was after - I still need more but what I have will stand me in good stead to get quite a bit of what plants I do have.  I am popping everything into pots to bring it on and keep them alive as the garden is still a work in progress.  I have lots of fruit plants but they will go down into the bottom of the garden which was my fruit garden and which will be reclaimed come September in readiness for next year.  At least this way the plants are being able to settle and develop.  The blackcurrant bushes I bought earlier on have really sprouted as have the Loganberries.

When we got back we had brunch bacon, eggs and sausage as both OH and I had not had anything before going out and with him being diabetic he needs to have regular meals to keep his blood sugar level even.  However it went down very well.

I had anticipated doing a load of potting up when we came back but the rain which has been on and off most of the afternoon stopped play but at least the plants have got a good watering naturally rather than me armed with my watering can.

I wasn't particularly hungry after brunch but come tea time OH was starving.  So I set too and made home made kebabs.  Ideally you should soak the bamboo sticks before making the kebabs but as it was a spur of the moment decision I skipped this part. I then threaded on cherry tomatoes whole, sliced courgette, garlic cloves, onion wedges, red pepper pieces, chicken pieces.  I then dribbled a little oil over all of the threaded sticks and a little butter with a dash of sweet chilli sauce and then popped under the grill until cooked making sure to turn the tray so that the kebabs get evenly cooked and that the sticks get turned so that both sides get cooked.  It makes an economical meal and is very filling.  I only used three small checken breasts.  A good way of making a little go along way; but a very healthy meal in any event and very tasty.

Below threaded ready to go.

Cooked to perfection

Served and ready to eat.

These went down very nicely.

You can serve these with pitta breads and coleslaw or salad or with a plate of rice.  OH is trying to keep away from bread and from rice but we found these were very tasty and filling on their own.

Right am back to work tomorrow so must go and get ready.

Hope you have all had a lovely good bank holiday despite the rain; but we really need that in any event.

Catch you soon.



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