Thursday, 25 May 2017

Adding to my Dinner Service

I have an old discontinued dinner service which in effect is my best dinner service that comes out at Christmas and special occasions.  It is the BHS Country Vine Collection.  i.e white plates with garlands of Ivy woven all over the plate. When BHS were around and quite a few years ago I invested in a 12 place setting but with the assistance of my cats and a Jack Russell some of the pieces have got broken and perhaps the odd session of butterfingers from yours truly the set was starting to diminish.  At the time I bought the service we were both in work and I had intended to add other items to the set.  However OH was then out of work for about 4 1/2 years all told and money became very tight and I was not in a position to add to and then they discontinued the set.  However I am very patient and very good at waiting.  I work on the basis that if I have the money then every so often I have a few nice things and then when things are tough then nothing I kinda stockpile all the way round.  The bonus on this is that I have plenty in store to keep me occupied even when times are tough.

I have therefore been surfing ebay to see what I can locate and  replace the broken pieces and other bits to what I already have and I am slowly amassing the extra pieces I need.

Why go to all the bother.  I am a big believer in family and being together where possible for Christmas and other occasions through the year.  This is what I have been brought up to and the family have always worked on the basis of the more the merrier.  I remember Christmas at my Nans where family came for dinner others came for high tea and there was always a place for anyone who was going to be on their own.  It just was not allowed.  My Nan had a very generous soul.  I would like to repeat that with what is left of my birth family and also my blended family so that is why I am amassing the extra items whilst I can.  My home has always meant a lot to me.  I don't really drink I do not smoke but my real weakness is that I do love good quality things and whatever little bit of cash I have had spare has always gone into making a nice home.

My step son is getting married later in the year.  It has been a big year for him turning 40 and then taking a wife which is all set to happen in September.  He was only 10 1/2 when he moved in.  We love his partner she is a lovely young lady and at some point it would be nice to have a big proper family Christmas again although this house does not really lend itself for entertaining but we do what we can.

I bought proper soup bowls to go with the set as extras and some of these have been broken as well.  I had thought I had done well when I found some on Ebay six of them and was very excited when they were delivered.  However they are bigger and not as pronounced as the ones I already have still a proper rimmed soup bowl so I will have to keep my eyes peeled to see if I can get some more of both.

I also have quite a few pieces of the Johnsons Beryl ware and it goes particularly well with this dinner service and complements it quite well.  Needless to say I started collecting that years ago too and most of it came from car boots at very cheap prices.

One thing I did not buy when buying the 12 piece service was the extras like the tureens and gravy boat fruit dishes etc. So I am also trying to add these as well.  I managed to win two tureens during the week which I am well chuffed about.

I like collecting things and bringing things together.  There is always something going on behind the scenes and each little bit or acquisition adds to what I already have.  I am indeed blessed that I can do this but then these lovely things in turn also give me a lot of pleasure.  Hopefully they will stand the test of time and I won't have any more accidents.

I inherited a lovely unusual set from my Grandmother.  I think I have told this story before but I inherited smaller meat platters and a very large Turkey sized one plus tureens with lids and soup ladles that were also highly decorated.  They are a green colour also.  My Grandfather saved his paper round money and bought his mum a complete dinner service and I mean absolutely everything in 12 of everything. When my Great Grandmother died it came back to Pop and my Nan then used it nearly every day of their 60 year marriage.  One day I hope I will be able to blend it all together.  Then of course their is also my collection of Green Glass which will go very well with everything.

Catch you soon.



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