Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Additions to the Growing Garden

I went to B & Q on Sunday morning to get a couple of bales of compost as I have a lot of potting up to do and whilst there succumbed to some pre grown plants.

I have added a four cherry tomatoes
3 sungold tomatoes
2 beefsteak tomatoes
4 Plum Tomatoes Roma
2 cucumbers
12 Globe Artichoke plants ( I thought I had bought 6)
3 sweet pepper plants
12 main Strawberries
12 other strawberries
1 lemon balm
1 Garden mint
2 sage

I tried desperately at the weekend to get things potted up even going out and buying extra pots however I got rained off.  This evening I  have been out in the garden till past dusk doing  a little bit of torchlight gardening.  Do you think it will catch on.   I have used all the pots and I still have loads of fruit plants to get potted up and lots of flowers and strawberries.  I have also used nearly all the compost.  It looks as though am going to have to go and get another two bags of compost to get the rest of the stuff potted up and then am going to have to get some more.

The same with pots I need a whole load more. 

The reason I am using pots is that the garden is still way off ready.  I am doing it a bit at a time but equally I still want stuff growing.  A lot of the fruit bushes and things like that I have started off from bare stems and they are really turning into nice little solid bushes which will be ready for transplanting on come September.  I will not get fruit from them this year but next year will be a different kettle of fish and if the plants are allowed to become sturdy and develop naturally it will do them good in the longer term.

I have also been sorting through my seed.  This week I will start sowing the following:

Yellow courgettes.  If you have never had these they are well worth growing.  They are sweeter than the green ones and I can quite happily eat these raw.  I like green courgette as well.  I normally roast this with pork around the joint so that you get all the flavour of the pork in the courgette.  I also like Ratatouille.

Green Courgettes.  As per the yellow courgettes. They can also be used in soups and summer vegetable mixes for the freezer.

Marrows.  We like stuffed marrow and the recipe I have is spicy like a curry.  My Nan always used to use sausagemeat.

Pumpkins. I always roast pumpkin and we have it with the Sunday lunch.  I also make pumpkin marmalade which is a favourite of mine.

Squash  Can be used the same way as pumpkin.

Dwarf French beans. Always a favourite I do freezes these and they are good in salads.

Runner Beans I have an old variety called Scarlet Emperor.  They are a favourite veg of mine.

Purple Runner beans.  The colour is stunning but once cooked they go green

Pattypan squash Always useful OH likes these.

The Scarlet Emperor have been soaked and drained and I will pot these on tomorrow evening when I get in which will probably involve a little more torchlight gardening.

Right had better get ready for work tomorrow.

Catch you soon



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