Saturday, 27 May 2017

Another busy day

My new washer arrived and I have had to wait until today to get it into the kitchen.  We have had operation chess to try and get it in position.  We had two washers to be rid of, the first had been residing in the bathroom and now latterly my most recent one.  We could not get it out of the kitchen until the cooker was taken out.  That went into the dining room and then we could take the one out of the kitchen.  Then when that one was done the one out of the bathroom could be taken out.  So as I say like a game of chess.  Needless to say putting everything back was a lot easier.  The washer is fantastic and I am really pleased with it; it looks really smart and is ever so quiet you hardly know its working.

It started off really hot here this morning at 6:00am it was quite hot and it got hotter and hotter.  We then had a short shower which cooled things down a bit. There was a warning for storms in this area but fingers crossed we have not had one yet.

Whilst in the process of sorting the kitchen out ready to put everything back in I broke a glass which shattered everywhere.  I then had the misfortune to end up with a piece of glass in my crocs which went straight into my foot.  There was blood everywhere.  Fortunately I managed to get it cleaned up with some Dettol but it extremely sore.  Wont be long before I go to bed so should be able to rest it.  Its my operation foot.

I have been to the shops and managed to get a lot of Apricots reduced ready to turn into Apricot Jam for the pantry shelf.

I also have some pears to bottle. There are also some more Raspberries, peaches, grapes, bananas so may have a fruit salad for pudding tomorrow which will make a nice change.  I will make some fruit coulis for the pantry shelf with the Raspberries as well and process the bottles in my baby steriliser.  No Strawberries today mores the pity.

I also bought courgettes, aubergines, red peppers spring onions, jersey royal potatoes some lemons as I want to have a go at preserved lemons.

I have also sorted out the fridges and got all the new stuff in.

I was going to do the Lemoncello tonight but that will have to wait until tomorrow now I am a little weary - the heat gets you more than anything.

I still have to get more compost tomorrow to pot up all the plants I do have and to get some veggies and salads underway.  The Tomato plants I potted up are doing really well.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going out for proper tea at a local hotel. One of my friends it was her birthday during the week and she fancied doing something different so I am looking forward to it. 

Right catch you later.



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