Friday, 26 May 2017

Busy Days

Its been a busy day as usual message received at 7:00am to say they were on the way.  By 9:30am  the washer had been delivered.  It is still in its packaging and OH is going to plumb it in this evening.

The hospital went well  this was for the Rheumatology clinic I do not have to see them for another year.  I am gradually getting stiffer but am trying to look after myself the best that I can.  When I am having bad sessions (usually when it is extremely wet I get like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz but equally days like today hot and humid all my joints are sore and it is painful walking.    When things get really bad and I have a flare up I down tools rest up and go to bed early although laying down presents its own problems.  Its the only way I can manage being able to carry on my life as normally as possible.  I am normal whatever normal is I just have these issues and things that get in the way!  When we arrive in this mortal coil we are not provided with an instruction book  and have to find our own way round things.  Life is for living.

Although I have always been the proverbial bull in the china shop (well I am a Taurus!) and always on the go  I am having to learn new techniques.  I do in any event have a very high pain threshold so if I say something it is usually pretty dire.  But overall they are pleased with me blood pressure and everything very good.  After all the messing around late last year and in the past few months I am pleased that something is going in the right direction. They sent me to see the vampires and the Nurse who looked after me today managed to get the vein first time without any messing around.  The more senior nurses are best at this from personal experience the younger ones tend to mess around too much.

There is a clothes shop in the hospital complex and every so often when I see something I like I treat myself to a couple of tops.  I bought a lime green tee shirt, a floral teashirt and a long sleeved teeshirt style top today which I am well pleased with.  These fit me nicely rather than some of the baggier tops that I have so am well chuffed with these.

Before going to the hospital I had a bit of an accident and dropped my phone in a full sink.  It then stopped working. OH managed to get it working again by the time that I got home  phew!  I walked home as did not have phone and could not find the taxi number at the hospital.  I took my time but it was not too bad.  My foot is now giving me a little bit of jip.

I have had a couple of hours where I have not done very much as it is far too hot.  I have to continue with the kitchen and then OH can get the washing machine in situ we then have to get the old machines x 2 into the front garden ready for collection.  However because space is tight where the said machines are we are going to have to get the cooker taken out to get the washer out and the new one in.  I have a very tiny galley kitchen  There is also an old freezer  as well to go.

Right had better get back to the kitchen no doubt OH will want something to eat soon as well as wanting me to get on with the kitchen.

Catch you later.



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