Thursday, 25 May 2017

I do get myself in a pickle

We ran out on the Internet again last night just decided not to work.  This evening thus far everything seems to be okey cokey.

I ran out of plant pots the other evening and so after work this evening I nipped into B & M which is always dangerous.  I did not have the shopping trolley so I improvised and bought some large sturdy bin liners and turned them into carriers for bringing stuff home.    Not a pretty picture staggering up the high street.  Its my handbag that causes most of the trouble.  I have 10 plant pots I still need more they were 99p in B & M.  I also bought some more plants, another couple of clematis, two hydrangeas pink ones and two camellias. 
each at £1.99 each.  They had some fuschias different ones that I just had to leave behind but I may go back for them later.    Shush don't tell any
one but I need some lighting in the garden and I have seen some little lantern solar lights that might just fit the bill. I have to go back at the weekend for some other bits and bobs.  Just need to get the compost but I will get OH on that tomorrow certainly before he disappears fishing.

Its been a scorcher here today and is still too hot although its lovely to see the sun.  I have to scrub the kitchen out tonight have a rest from the gardening apart from some watering up but as the new washer is due to be delivered tomorrow I really do have my work cut out think its going to be a late one.  At least I am not working tomorrow.

It very much is barbecue weather - we don't have one at the moment but if it carries on like this I may well be looking into one as when its scorching you certainly do not want to be cooking inside.

Right had better tootle off I have a hot date with a kitchen.

Catch you later.



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