Friday, 26 May 2017

Ice Ice Baby and Ice Lollies

Don't know about you but in this weather I tend to have a stock of ice lollies to hand.  I have over the years accumulated quite a few moulds and lolly sticks I have some expensive sets but I have also picked up a few different ones from the pound shop.  I am easily pleased but I am always looking for different ways in which to present something.  My most recent find was a reduction in Lakeland and these are proper sky rocket moulds.  But in reality you don't need to use bought moulds you can make use of small pots into which to freeze your mixture and once part frozen stick in your handle

We were lucky as children as mum always used to make homemade ice lollies for us.  One of the first Tupperware parties she went to she came back with a set of lolly moulds and they were used religiously all through our childhood.  Don't know what happened to them but when we came to sort mums stuff they were not there.

I also have a stock of ice cubes and put them in the dogs water and the cats to help keep the fur babies temperature down in this really too hot weather.

Never made them before then perhaps you might like to look over these two links from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall; especially if you have never made them before.

and Jamie Oliver

and from Tesco

On another tack can anyone remember the cider style lollies that were all the rage at one time.   I cannot remember the name of them I don't know if they were apple juice or proper cider but they were jolly nice.  Have you seen the Gin and Tonic lollies as well.  Have not tried them but might be worth a shot.  Excuse the pun.   I have been and bought a couple of bottles of lager which are cooling in the fridge as we speak.  Thought a nice lager and lime might go down very nicely later on and might cool us down a little bit.

Catch you later.

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