Sunday, 21 May 2017

Vintage Embroidery

That I have at long last got the Internet and blogging thing fathomed out.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.

Its been a while and a lot has been going on behind the scenes here.  I have been collating things together for future projects long term crafty ones, long term practical ones and running out of time ones.

I have however become very fascinated with embroidered items.  I was taught basic embroidery as a youngster at school and mum let me do little bits over the years.   Mum was excellent at embroidery and you could not see where she had started or stopped the piece was as immaculate on the back as on the front.  However she never taught me the intracacies she was a lovely mum but was not always very patient with me.

So I have been arming myself with embroidery books and transfers and projects to do in the coming months.  I have bought pre-worked pieces that have not been finished off  from ebay some of the pieces stunning the like of which you would find it difficult to purchase new today.  Although I have come across a lady who is selling new embroidery kits at reasonable prices but the kits are of a very high quality.  Will share that a little later on in another post.  One of the reasons for me buying new is so that I can practice my stitches and get to grips with them before going on to the vintage items.  The embroidery is so beautiful on them I do not want to wreck it and want to be a little more proficient before starting on them.  The perfectionist in me coming out I am afraid.

I had not realised just how popular vintage embroidery is today and some of the prices have been astronomical. I have managed to get one or two pieces well within my budget which I am very chuffed with.  The work on them has been phenomenal so much involved in some of the more complicated ones and I absolutely love them.  I also have some kits in a similar vein to work myself and add to the stash.  The better quality the embroidery the higher the price but some of the pieces have been stunning, lovely but the prices are  often too rich for my purse and I have to be practical.  I think this is also the other reason for having a go myself.

Here are some of the vintage pieces that I have rescued and with which I am highly chuffed.  A couple need framing another one needs a bit of a clean think the steam cleaner is going to help here and a couple are already framed and in good condition.   I have paid well under £30 apiece often far less.

I have the sister of the above kit to actually work from scratch

I intend to have them displayed in the front room/best room lounge.  I may reframe them so they blend and go together in due course.  Beautiful things should be saved and preserved and displayed loved and cherished.  It does not matter that I have not worked some of them but they go very well with those I have on the go in any event.

I am planning a lot of things for the front room in due course.  I have mentioned before that I tend to collate or gather things together well in advance of doing something so that when I am ready to start I can blend and gather everything together so that it fits cohesively.

Just another piece of the jigsaw in the greater scheme of things that I am working on behind the scenes.

Hopefully catch you later.



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