Thursday, 11 May 2017


I seem to have my internet connection back after struggling with my phone.  We had Virgin come in and have ended up with a new modem as a result but still no internet connection. We were having problems with the Virgin films and stations as well as the Firestick we have connecting properly.  OH nearly blew a gasket over it well he did and it took quite a lot of calming down on my part to restore some sense of normality and I ended up dealing with the personnel but I am no techie

  We were told that apparently old brick terrace houses are sometimes a problem when it comes to connecting with the Internet.  Not sure whether that is true or not but I had no connection.  OH has therefore made some enquiries of the techies at work and they suggested investing in what are called home plugs from Amazon.  We have just connected them and peeps it looks as though I am back.  They work independently and look like adaptor plugs. 

I have really struggled with the phone and painstakingly struggling with one finger and hitting the wrong keys.  I am used to typing at speed and reasonably accurately so the phone was far too slow for me but at least when I got a connection it let me post!  


Wishful thinking on my part there is still an issue with the Internet. Will try and have a look at the weekend.  Think the new bit is working its just not talking to my computer.  Back to the drswing board.

I am hoping this gets resolved soon. Grhh.

I am okay but getting terribly frustrated.  Hope to be back with you soon.  Hope you are all okay.  I have been indulging my crafty side a bit but more of that later.  I have also been pottering in my herb garden trying to get it tidy.  Am hoping to do a bit more this weekend.  Take care.  Pattypan x


  1. Hope your internet issues get worked out!

  2. I feel your pain, our internet is very unpredictable at home! take care x


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