Friday, 30 June 2017

Friday Night Roundup

Its been a busy day today even though I have had the day off it has still been very busy.  

I had to move a load of plants in pots in order to get the new barbecue and the new pizza oven into the garden. They have to go into the shed but I have to work my way up to the shed.

Both were delivered safely and well before the estimated time I had been given so I was very impressed.  It was the DX Service (which is a private service) and the two gentleman very kindly brought everything in for me.  Now all I have to do is unpack them but they look pretty good the pair of them.I am looking forward to using them.  I already have charcoal and Applewood and Beech chippings in stock for use with the pizza oven/smoker.  If I am planning on doing things I do tend to start gathering things together a bit at a time.

I have the long strip garden outside the back door to sort out as I have just bunged in a load of plants in pots up until now this part of the garden is referred to as the herb garden.  Part of it has been taken over by a grape vine I bought a few years ago; up to now it has not done much but this year it seems to have gone lary and I have spotted the start of a bunch of grapes on one stem.  So I am hugely excited.  Will see if it comes to anything but I think I am going to have to run some strings up the fence for the vines to attach themselves too. 

I intend tomorrow to fully garden the herb garden and get some of the plants in that I bought recently (herb plants).  I have a lot to do on this front but that should clear up some of the extra pots that have been cluttering the path.  I also have to give my bay tree a bit of a hair cut (he who complains at any and everything I.e. the next door neighbour has been moaning).  I intend to dry the leaves for use in the kitchen for cooking and for Christmas decorations and also to make some bay leaf powder which you can also add to cooking and salt for salting/brining meat. I also want to dry some lemon and orange slices as well as some small Clementines or mandarins as well.   Apple slices are also on the agenda as you can make wreaths out of these but also use them in cooking. Once you have all the bits together you can make garlands to decorate your home.  Whenever I come across fir cones I always collect these too as you can use these in all sorts of ways.  Especially the little tiny larch cones which can be used on cards as well as on mini wreaths and other decorations.  I know I am using the C word but a lot of what I do throughout the year contributes to good living during the year but also a really good choice of items come the Christmas months so it all plays its part and it lessens the work load if you work a bit at a time throughout the year on it.

I am also on the look out for some wooden planters.  I have two standard bay trees and two box balls (these were bought last winter just before Christmas).   I would like to add to these in due course. As I plan to paint the shed in the seagrass colour I would like wooden planters in the same colour for these plants so if it snows they will still look good.  I also intend to get some more ivy plants to do some hanging baskets with Ivy in and maybe with some winter roses in as well.  I want the garden to look reasonably good even in the winter months. In summer gardens are usually a mass of colour but in winter you still need something.I am also thinking of doing some Ivy baskets for the front of the house.

In the front garden I have a giant holly tree (which set itself)  - at the moment it has lots of green berries on in due course they will turn red but I always clip some of the branches with berries on to decorate the dressers picture frames  just like my Nan used to do to decorate her home year in year out. This simple thing always reminds me of her but I would like in due course to do far more than I do now.  I enjoy all the preparation work for preserving and making things in the run up to Christmas the preparation of making the Christmas cakes and puddings, my Nan's fruit loaf recipe, cooking hams making pates pork pies etc.  

Once I have the garden straight will post up some photographs but needless to say that there is lots to do yet.

Next door are having a party they have been out there most of the afternoon and it is still in full throttle/  They are Polish and Latvian so occasionally things do get a little noisy but they are pleasant enough.

OH is fishing for a few days from tomorrow so in his absence I intend to do some serious work in the garden (weather permitting and to do some preserving) but I also need to go into town to get some bits as well.  I am hoping one evening at least to be able to do some craft work even if it is only cutting out or preparing to do something.

Tonight we have had toad in the hole with potatoes, cabbage and boiled potatoes and gravy for tea.  I wrapped the sausages around the bacon, added some red onion slices to the dish and some fresh thyme, salt and pepper then made a batter for the Yorkshire pudding.  The potatoes were steamed as was the cabbage and then gravy added and it was really tasty.  Sorry I did not remember to take photos of the toad .

We then had English Strawberries and cream for pudding.

I have a lot to do tomorrow so am going to pop off and do some more preparation work.

Catch you soon.




  1. I use little bunches of bay leaves in the pantry cupboard to deter moths and weevils.
    Margaret (Australia)

    1. Hi Margaret I do too. I have a big branch hanging in the pantry as well. You are supposed to be able to put a couple of bay leaves into the actual flour as well to deter the flour weevil I have never been brave enough to do this yet although now that I have my large Roses Sweetie jars recycled into storage jars for my dried goods I may well give it a go. I have also heard that freezing the flour also helps.

      Lovely to hear from you.




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