Monday, 5 June 2017

Its been a tad hectic

this weekend,  Out most of yesterday in the morning shopping at M & S in town.  Supposed to be back in time to cook lunch for OH and myself but too late back so had to leave him to fend for himself which did not go down too well.  I was out a friends house for the afternoon and early evening which was very pleasant.  Today I had a slight lay in and then have been sorting out the dining room.  Giving it a deep clean which I aim to do every month.  No sooner has it gone round its time to do it again.  It seems to work out that I do a room every weekend but that's how the cookie crumbles with me working full time as well I have to do things where I can.

I had hoped to have a little play with some needlework this weekend but it has not turned out that way.  I will aim to do a little bit during the week probably something I can pick up and put down probably my butterfly cushion or some of my hexie patchwork which I have not picked up for a few weeks.  I really need to get stuck in on this front again as it really helps me relax and I need that with working full time. The same goes for the gardening there is nothing more satisfying after being cooped up in an office all day to come home and do a little weeding get your fingers mucky and grow seeds or transplant plants.  It is very grounding and very therapeutic and hopefully will produce some food.

The Lemoncello has been made and is in its jar waiting to mature.  I know that technically speaking there is no need to do this but it is the way I tend to work anyway.  I need to get some more large jars for infusing more spirit with fruit and toffee.  I am aiming to have a little stockpile of liqueur type drinks to hand to use for the summer months but also in readiness for Christmas.

I also want to make some lemon curd, lemon and passionfruit curd and some lemon vinegar and some lemon marmalade jelly as well as preserved lemons and some lemon wine.  That's a lot of lemons.

The apricot jam is also made that will be lovely with some cream cheese and croissants for breakfast. YUM!

I have ordered a gazebo for the garden.  I have seen a barbecue and a pizza oven/smoker as well but they are not in stock at the moment but they will be.  I am determined to have the garden that I have longed for for so long so that I can sit out on the nice days and do some of my hand worked items.  Well that's the idea anyway when OH is out and about fishing.  Think I have seen some garden furniture that might work well and also I have still to look for my garden swing which OH is buying me as a birthday present - a little late but I am after a wooden one.

Right time to retire.

Catch you soon.




  1. We use to have a pizza oven one that Martin built it was used all the tie for cooking lots of things and very few pizzas even in winter knee deep in snow we used it, we love outdoor cooking and we will have another one built here

  2. Hi Dawn

    I would love a home made pizza oven but that is not going to happen here. I have seen a pizza oven/come smoker in Wilkos which I think might fit the bill for us and also can be used as a barbecue. We like barbecues and eating outside as well. I am also after a fire pit to use of an evening and also during the colder months to get a breath of fresh air. So glad Martin is now home with you so you may get your pizza oven before me at this rate. Take care sweetheart and enjoy.




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