Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Pain Pain Go away

Don't come back another day

I love the fairer weather when the sun shines and it makes you feel happy and that everything is okay with our world  - well my world at least.  However I don't do humidity or rain.  I go a bit like the Tin Man out of the Wizard of Oz before he had a revamp and was oiled and cleaned.  As soon as the rain disappears or the humidity goes I am as right as rain excuse the awful pun.  I also know when its going to rain as that is when things start up.  I have said before stick me on a wall and I will make a very good barometer.

When its wet or humid I get a lot of pain as well which is very tiring and on those days I tend to get myself in my PJs and just go to bed and rest even if I do not sleep.  I have phases like this and I have found it best just to give myself a little TLC like this otherwise I am far worse if I don't.  Not easy for someone who is used to charging around like a bull in a china shop.  It is very frustrating but a little time spent resting often does the trick even though it does not come easy.

This evening because of the pain and the weather its been very wet for the past few days, and is blowing a hooley and has gone very cold again I decided that we were going to have more fish for tea.   We had mussels last Friday. When I went to M & S the other day I came back with some undyed smoked haddock fillets for myself and some cod fillets with herbs and a red pepper sauce for OH.  Mine was delicious cooked in milk and then served with poached eggs some homemade chips and bread and butter.  OH's had to be cooked in the oven and it looked very nice.  I was supposed to smear the red pepper sauce over the fish but I erred on the side of caution I wanted OH to be able to eat his meal so I put the sauce on the side.  He also had homemade chips.  We don't like bought chips and prefer home made but we don't have them every week.  In any event he enjoyed his meal but did not like the pepper sauce.  So we have both had a reasonably healthy  meal this evening that supposedly should be easier for our systems to process properly and hopefully the pain will die down.  I know when there is a lot of pain that the antibodies are high in my system and are having  a flare up so I do try and have lighter food to try and keep it in check.  Keeping warm is also another good thing to do.

One thing I have noticed with OH being diabetic and also being bipolar if he has not had a home cooked meal for a few days for one reason or another he starts getting down in the dumps.  He was like that last night which is why I set too and cooked roast chicken and all the trimmings last night but as a result we did not get our meal until about 9pm.  It seems to have done the trick he has been  a little happier today.  So what you eat and how you eat it and when you eat it does have a big impact on you well him at least.  Because I have been on medication of one sort or another since the age of seven I tend to do what I can with food.  Anyone with long term medication really should have yogurt or an Actimel first thing in a morning to put a lining on their stomachs and also to help the body process the medication properly and in so doing not cause any nasties like ulcers.  I have a whole raft of medical conditions which are autoimmune based and I hit on the Actimel yogurt thing by chance and it helped me an awful lot.  The Doctors are not quite sure how it works but it tends to help the autoimmune system work more efficiently.  It certainly helps me.  My system is in overdrive and it helps me keep a lid on things. 

Tomorrow evening he has an option of meat balls and pasta or steak and salad with a baked potato and coleslaw.  It will be the steak knowing him.  However I am very fond of pasta although I do not have it too often  I am especially partial to stuffed pasta.   Waitrose do a nice goats cheese and onion stuffed pasta and I usually serve this with a tomato sauce.  I love goats cheese salad with French stick and onion relish and salad leaves and home made herb oil.  Yum

Yesterday I went to The Works a cheapy book shop who also sell on the Internet.  They do quite a bit of craft stuff.  I came back with a paper trimmer and board for my card making, some sticky pads for decoupage and card mounting, three new crochet books, a couple of stacks of fat quarters in packs of five and a kit for making one of these cakes that has things magically up in the air.  Lakeland were selling them for an arm and a leg mine cost £1.50 if I bought something else as well rather than £7 that was on the packet.  I also bought a couple of rolls of cellophane wrap clear for use come Christmas at £1 per roll.  I will try and get some more of this as it will be ideal for wrapping hampers come Christmas.

Now is the time of year for searching out those items for doing your own hampers.  I have the Go Cutter for Patchwork but I did buy a die set for doing quite large circles.  I intend to have a little play but I think this will be ideal for making pretty cloth bonnets for the top of my home made preserves to give away as part of my Christmas hampers.  Anything to pretty things up and a good way of using up scraps of fabric.  I have not really had time to play with this.  OH is not fishing at the moment and will not be fishing until the beginning of July so its going to be a little while before I can have a play.  I am looking at sewing machines at the moment I have an eye on a Janome machine that Lewis' have but I don't really know its capacity.  I need to speak to the lady who does the sewing machines but each time I have been in to see her for a demo she has not been there.  I don't intend to rush into things though I want to make sure that I get a machine that will do everything I want it to and perhaps a lot more as I have a terrible habit of getting things because I do not know much about them and then play with them and find out that the model etc I have has been outgrown.  I want a good all round machine to start with.  I would love an embroidery machine but my budget does not run to that at the moment.  Perhaps one day.

I am going to retire shortly and peruse some magazines that I bought today and probably get some more ideas for doing different things.

My Gazebo arrived yesterday out of its box - I was none too pleased with the delivery company - however it did weigh over 30lbs in weight.  Hopefully everything is there -we think it is.  Its in the house at the moment but when this wet weather clears I will get it into the shed until we are ready to sort the patio area.  It was too much of a bargain to miss.

Right upwards and onwards.

Take care everyone.  Catch you soon.




  1. Sorry to hear that you are in pain and not too well right now. I usually try and carry on but have had to listen to my body twice in the past week and it made all the difference and I felt so much better for having a sofa day!

    The gazebo sounds great and I hope you can have a demo of the Janone sewing machine soon. I know folks say they are very good. I have a cheapo very basic machine that sews in straight lines, which is all I need really!

  2. Hi BB, its just one of those side effects of long term conditions. Its the worst have been in a long while, but have been a little better today. Its not easy listening to our bodies especially when we are used to flying! Sofa days are a necessity these days! The gazebo in theory looks good and it is quite sturdy. The next door neighbours have a cheapie one but it keeps collapsing and I was after something a little sturdier. It has curtains as well. I will try and speak to the lady demonstrator on Friday but will possibly have to book an appointment to see on the weekend with me working full time. I don't want to spend an enormous amount but the machine I have the tension keeps going wrong and in reality I have not used it that much inbetween before it goes wrong and ends up in the Sewing machine shop to replace the tension. It was only a cheapo years ago but it was a machine and all I could afford at the time. Will see what happens. It will have to be good for me to release a penny where this is concerned as I have been caught out before. Take it steady. Tricia xx


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