Thursday, 29 June 2017

Rain and earlt evening roundup

Gently falling for the past two days much needed and has done the garden good.  The plants are looking livelier and perkier than they did in the heat.  We still need some more but it will have done a little good and at least for the past couple of nights I have not had the watering up by hand using the watering can.

Why do we moan about the rain.  It provides us with life as without water we would not survive.  It lets us grow crops to feed ourselves and if we do not have the rain and there then ends up being a period where we have not had much rain we then get the hosepipe bans and food starts going up in price because the farmers are having to irrigate the crops to bring them on. So we should really be very grateful for the rain for so many reasons.

I am very tired tonight.  Thank goodness tomorrow is my last day at work this week.  As usual I have an awful lot to do again.  I am hoping that I will be able to get out in the garden this weekend as there is still an awful lot of work to be done.  I have seen a climbing rose plant and a couple of French Lavender Planters that I would quite like as well for the garden so we shall see what we shall see. I thought that they would look particularly nice against the back of the shed where the Gazebo is going to back up onto.  I also need some Cuprinol preservative to do the shed with.  I have a specific colour in mind like a sea green colour but have not been able to locate the tin size in that colour so far so I shall go on another recce for this.  I want a larger tin as not only do I want to do the shed in this colour but I also intend to get a wooden patio set which I would also quite like in the same colour so I am trying to match things up and make them look nice.  It would be nice to entertain with friends and family in the garden with the new barbecue and pizza oven that is scheduled to arrive but hopefully that will happen soon.  Also my birthday present from OH is to be a wooden garden swing.  I am still on the lookout for this.

OH did the Lottery this evening for the first time in ages.  He reckons he is going to win the Lottery and when he does is going to buy a French Chateau with some fishing lakes oh and I can have my smallholding and grow my own!  A little further on than Cornwall!  Ah well the thought was there.  Everyone has to have a dream.  Me I am a big dreamer a firm believer in it.  Trouble is at times I am too much of a dreamer and every so often I have to supply a dose of sensible practicality as I would be permanently off with the moonbeams.  At the end of the day it is one way I cope when things are not going so well; having something to hope for makes all the difference.


I am now home for the weekend and have a lot to do.  At the moment I am relishing the peace and quiet while I can.  OH is out at a colleague's leaving do.  I only hope he is not moonwalking by the time he comes in.  I have a lot to do tomorrow plus I have to make some space for the new pieces of equipment that I am waiting in for and which at this moment in time OH is not aware of.  I am hoping that the delivery comes early so that I can use the rest of the day for my other projects.

I have some tomatoes to roast up tomorrow for home made pasta sauce.  I have been and got some basil and parsley to add to the mixture.  The mixture normally has fresh tomatoes herbs onion garlic leeks and sometimes a bit of courgette and/or pepper.  However I am cautious on this front as vegetables can be low in acid and tomatoes are classed as a fruit rather than a vegetable but the leak onion and roasted garlic with the herbs make a good mixture.  Once all coeked through I whizz it up in the food processor.  Doing this makes it smooth but it is a very thick sauce. I add some lemon juice per jar and  I then hot water bottle process it for long term storage on the pantry shelf.  If you want a finer tomato sauce more like a passata you have to strain it so that it is smooth like ketchup although this is very much a pasta sauce than a ketchup.

Right off to potter and get my witches hat on "Hubble bubble toil and trouble" well I am going to be stirring the contents of my preserve pan.

Catch you soon.



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