Sunday, 18 June 2017

Sea Bass

To tell you the truth yours truly was not looking forward to the Sea Bass we bought from Mr Ts yesterday.  No matter how I thought about it in my mind the sound of it just did not tickle my pickle!

We were not quite sure what to do with it or what to put with it but like a lot of home produced meals we decided to go simple.  It was grilled with lemon gently and then served with sweet potato chips and fried onion rings.

And what a revelation I absolutely loved it.  I had never before had the Sea Bass the only thing I really knew about it was that restaurants charge and arm and a leg for it.  However in reality two whole fish were no more than £6 for the two and there was more than enough on the one fish together with the accompaniments.  It was absolutely delicious.

I love fish anyway; I love smoked haddock, cod, haddock, kippers, scampi, prawns, trout rainbow and brown, mussels, cockles, whole prawns, brown shrimps, herring roe, mackeral etc. etc.  It is also exceptionally good for you.  So to say I was pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of the Sea Bass is an understatement. 

The first time we had proper mackeral was in my teens.  We had gone in a camper van to Wales but this time stayed on the Gower Peninsula which is a beautiful unspoilt part of the country especially around Manorbier.  Whilst on the camp site we were approached by two entrepreneurial young lads looking to profit out of a little fishing.  As a result we ended up with a couple of large mackeral for tea.  Mum was not sure what to do with them but in the end chose to flour and pan fry them.  Needless to say I will always remember the first time I had mackeral. 

We used to love our camping holidays and buying and eating local food.  We have over the years gone on to fish for mackeral ourselves in the Harbour at Mevagissey and various other places on the coast.  You cannot beat fresh fish.

Needless to say I shall be having Sea Bass again its absolutely delicious.

Weatherwise is has been a hot one again today and as  my post said yesterday.

It is too darn hot!  We have stayed in for the best part today with the fans on trying to keep ourselves and the animals cool.

As it has been a relatively dry winter in the greater swing of things the next thing will be hosepipe bans.  Although finding my brand new hosepipe might be a bit of a novelty.  We are not sure where it is at the moment it cannot be found and I very much need it for watering up all my tomatoes and strawberries.

Hopefully it will materialise in due course.

However talking of water issues we seem to have a problem with the kitchen sink.  It seems to have been emptying itself behind the kitchen units and under the flooring instead of down the drain pipe.  I have a dehumidifier I may well have to drag that out to get the kitchen under control again.  It will be something daft it always is.

Right better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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