Monday, 19 June 2017

So another week

in my life begins.  Back in the groove the old worn routine that I have been following week by week year by year. The routine is new and different at work one that I am slowly getting used to but at home a well trodden path in order to get to do what I need to do.

Clothes pressed for the day, and packup sorted.  Cheese and tomato buns with a little salt sprinkled on the tomato should do us both nicely and keep the hungry wolf at bay and a donut/satellite peach each as a treat.  I am aiming to stop nipping to the shop for things to eat and get into the routine of preparing pack ups again.  I need to watch the pennies a bit having bought a gazebo (still to be put up), a pizza oven/come smoker and a new barbecue for the garden. I had seen some garden furniture at a good price but when I went to get it they did not have any.  So may have to look further afield.

Despite a very hot night too hot too uncomfy and a second night where Demetri has refused to come in this morning is lovely not too hot but definitely warming up.  At the back of the house is a bit of a haven for the birds and occasionally we get foxes into the garden attracted by the neighbours chickens.  We get magpies, ringed doves, pigeons etc. However we get a lot of the smaller birds sparrows, a resident blackbird and robins darting here and there in next doors bird feeders but also coming into our garden and grubbing up cheerful little souls.

We have already had an accident this morning.  We left a plate out when we should not have with some food on it namely the remains of the Sea Bass and some onion rings.  Missy has helped herself and knocked a drink all over the floor in the process so more mopping up to do.  She is now flat out looking as though butter would not melt.

Its bad enough the kitchen sink is leaking all over the shop and I think we are going to have to get a new sink and unit as it looks as though it has been leaking for a little while.  Ah well its just the depth as usual.  Another problem to overcome but its how you deal with things at the end of the day that really matters and that you overcome something.  Another one in the list of personal challenges.

I have baby tomatoes and baby cucumbers. The sweet peppers are coming on well as are the Globe Artichokes.  I need some more compost to plant up the planters want to get some mixed lettuce in one and some strawberries including wild ones in others. We did a bit of sorting out with side shoots and a good watering up of the garden last night as I do most nights with the watering can. Still cannot find the hosepipe I know its there somewhere.  Would make my life a lot easier at the moment if I could locate it. I am enjoying the gardening and want to do more in due course but a lot of hard work has to happen before then.  I might start doing it for an hour or so at night on a little and often basis.

We have two ballerina apple trees bought as a reminder of OHs aunty in the garden.  They have never really amounted to much and I thought both had died.  Therefore I was pleasantly surprised to find one has an awful lot of apples on I am looking forward to harvesting some later on.  I would love a property where I could plant an orchard.  I grew up with orchards at my Nan and Pop's home.  Would love to have my own little bit of land for the living from.  A house can be created and crafted from nothing but the land and the call of the land that is something else.

We have herbed chicken and salad for tonight's tea something nice and light and some new potatoes so that should fill a gap.  I have a piece of pork I might cook later for pack up and a meal or two.  I actually like Porchetta in the summer months cold with home made chips or baked potato and salad.  Does anyone have a nice traditional recipe.

Right better get a wriggle on.  I have to get dressed and have some breakfast then wend my way to work.

Catch you soon have a lovely day.



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  1. Hi Tricia, hope it's cooler for you today - it's been crazy hot here. I am pleased your apples are coming good, lots to do with them no doubt.
    I'm still working out my morning routines, there's some thing that I do every day no matter what and others are life's curve balls that we have to be flexile and adapt to, as you say - it is all in how we respond.
    It is taking me an age to water everything every night at the moment, this heat is killing a lot off.


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