Thursday, 15 June 2017

Thursday night catch up

Its been one of those weeks it did not start very well as I got up as usual at 6:00am on Monday morning and before OH had left the house I ended up having another small fit and then sleeping for the rest of the day.  This time round I have been very lucky no bitten tongue and was only out for a short period of time.  But its happened and its back to brass tacks and the drawing board for my routine of looking after myself it needs to be reviewed and tweaked!  We shall get there eventually.  Needless to say Missy never left me after I had had the fit (I fell face first on the settee) and she did not think much to it when I left her to go to work tomorrow.

Out of curiosity would any of you know what to do if someone had a fit in your vicinity.  Let me know/  A fit is more frightening for someone looking on than for the person having the fit.  I just feel incredibly sleepy can't get my words out and make a funny noise and then just collapse.  In effect I am fast asleep.  Basically a fit is a short circuit of ones electrical system.  In fact when I just had the lesser of the epilepsy conditions once known as petit mal we used to call it switching off because I was gone for seconds and not aware of what had gone on.  Sometimes I get what is called the aura and on such occasions before passing out I get the smell of burning cordite or rice cakes.  I as a consequence cannot bear the smell.  Epilepsy is life threatening that is why I asked if you would know what to do if someone had one near you.  Epilepsy is not selective it just happens and anyone can develop it either at a very young stage or later on in life.

When someone has an attack near you don't try and hold them down.  Make sure they cannot hurt themselves and once they calm down a little try and put them in the recovery position.  If you try and do it whilst they are thrashing around they will fight you tooth and nail as even though they are unconscious they are aware if someone is trying to hold them down.  Also don't put your fingers anywhere near the mouth I have a very strong bite and would snap your fingers off unintentionally and the more you hold them down the more they will fight you. As long as they are safe and cannot choke on their tongue they should be okay.  They will be confused and not quite with it on coming round and have a splitting headache and hurt all over as when you go into a fit the body goes into a spasm and literally shakes every muscle in the body.  If I bite my tongue as well that takes ages to recover.  Talking calmly and smoothly to the person reassuring them that they are alright can also calm them down and reassure them.  Most people who have an attack get upset afterwards as it is literally back to the drawing board with them.

Tuesday I had the hospital for my foot.  It is healing well although there has been some movement due to natural settling of the foot to the plate and there may be a need to remove it.  According to the Xray the foot is healing well and is starting to develop new bone and reattaching to the main part of the foot.  So they are going to keep me on the books for the next six months just in case I have any further problems.

I then had the rest of the day off and went back to work yesterday gradually easing myself back into the routine of things.

Its been a busy day today and will be again tomorrow but then at least we have the weekend for me to recollect myself and hopefully get a little more sorted out. 

This evening I have watered up the plants in the garden they are all doing very well having put on a lot of growth since I got them  Hopefully will be able to get round to some serious gardening this weekend.

Right better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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