Monday, 10 July 2017

A little treat from a Pawnshop and from a Charity shop

On my way into town at dinner I have to go past an olde-worlde pawn shop (although it has not been there that long) that normally has an awful lot of jewellery in the window I often stop and look but thus far although beautiful jewellery it has been well out of my price bracket.  That is until the other day when I spotted some lovely cameo jewellery.  I may well go back for one of the other brooches if still there in due course as they were very individual and a little larger in size.

Anyway here is the brooch I bought.

It is engraved with roses on the collar as well as a safety chain and probably more of an old fashioned piece compared to what a lot of younger people want today but I think it is lovely as I do prefer more traditional jewellery.   I think this piece has been loved but it is in excellent condition. It will go with other cameo jewellery some of which was bought new and some which I inherited.  Jewellery has always been a particular favourite of mine particularly traditional style and I hope to add the odd piece of antique jewellery from now on in to my jewellery box.  I have always been very fond of cameos.  My Nan had a couple of Cameo brooches that had come down the family but we don't know where they went to.  I first really came across Cameos when my favourite cousin got engaged and she went for a very simple cameo and gold ring for her engagement ring.  Very unusual and distinctive for the time and I have been very fond of them ever since.

The other pieces I have bought are silver hallmarked pin cushions.  I managed to get these from my local Charity shop at a very good price.  These will go with my small collection of needlework implements and ephemera.  I need to source a case in which to put them.  I first came across these tiny treasures at my friend Margaret's home; she has quite an extensive collection that she has built up over the years.  I think I have done well here plus the best side of these new items is that they are small and do not take up too much room.

So tiny in a medium sized box.  The little collection consists of a boot, a shoe, a bird and a shell.  All of them have a little tiny pad for pins or needles.

In closer detail:

The little bird

The hob nail boot

The shell 

And the fancy shoe

I don't think I did too badly apparently they all have the silver hallmark on them.

Am quite chuffed with these tiny little treasures.

Catch you soon.




  1. What a lovely cameo brooch - very tasteful, and that one definitely had your name on it!

    You have some very unusual tiny pincushions there - I have NEVER seen any like those. Well done on your find.

  2. Hi BB - had a suspicion you would like them. The pin cushions are tiny and the Charity shop that I go to locally is manned by volunteers from a local Church. However one of the main volunteers is a gentleman who has been in the china and associated goods and furniture line for many years and he sources bargains and brings them into the shop. He gave me a very good deal on the pincushions and the charity still made a profit. I got the pincushions for £50 they should have been £80. The brooch was more expensive at £65 but in the end I got it for £60, So overall I was well chuffed as everyone benefited. Hope you are okay and that your daughter is as well. Just going to dish up tea. Catch you soon.



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