Saturday, 8 July 2017

A summer afternoon Walk

We have walked Missy down the river which is not too far from us although far enough for us to take the car.  If we were to walk the full length it would be beyond the Locks at Orton Waterville but we only ever usually walk one part of it.  Nevertheless it is enough to wear out a lively Jack Russell who just runs and runs when we take her down there.  Its her bit of freedom.  However the walk is a lovely one.  Part of where we walk has been turned from a plain field into a sanctuary for insects butterflies and the like.  These fields run parallel to the river but they are full of vibrant wildlife.  It is therapeutic to walk here after a long day at work.  Lots of people use it but not so much that there are crowds.  Like everywhere else it does have its rush hour but not so much that you would notice.  Its been a beautiful summer afternoon walk very humid and warm with the sun out the kind of afternoon that can only really happen here in the British Isles - something special  the stillness the quietness and lots of wild life about.  Lots of wild crops to come like blackberries, rosehips and elderberries. Teasels bobbing in the breeze with  honey bees, bumble bees and moths alike clinging to their soft cone shaped heads (the bristles are when they are green still very soft) so the insects can clasp on and gather the nectar.  Daisies and leaves bobbing in the borderlines and this year baby rabbits playing hide and seek with Missy.  She likes the chase and sends them up but she has never hurt one yet.

This post is photo heavy and not many words for a change to accompany it.  Thought I would show you how wild you can be even in a City and what is lurking on the boundaries.

Lots of elderberries and brambles to come

Below is some seating that has been popped into the area.  Each box is inscribed with images and a verse.  Its a lovely idea however someone has tried to wreck it and pulled one of the stools off the base of concrete.

Out of Puff

Larch cones for use in Christmas decorations

As green cones before they turn into the cones above.

Wanted to show you Missy laughing but every time I went to take a photo she moved.  Typical.

Wildflowers in the hedgerow

Berries yet to come.

It was a good walk and it certainly eased off my sciatica.

Catch you soon.



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