Saturday, 15 July 2017

A visit to the .....

Veg shop.  I have more cooking apples, apricots, a cauliflower, carrots,  6 lemons, 12 large satellite peaches, vine tomatoes (whoppers) that smell divine, some plums and a load of rhubarb.  Two bunches of mint. Not as much this week but enough for me to deal with.  I have the basics and a few more bits to go at.  I was a bit later in the day than I usually am and most of the offers had gone.  Probably better luck next week

Planned for this little haul is more bottled apple puree, dried apricots in the dehydrator, pasta sauce with the vine tomatoes, plum chutney and for the rhubarb, rhubarb cordial, rhubarb vodka and gin. possibly some other bits and bobs I saw some recipes this morning that need further investigation and the peaches are for eating.  If there is any rhubarb left I will probably pop that in the freezer for puddings.

I have also picked up reduced raspberries from the Coop, large peaches, some strawberries, some frozen mixed summer fruit which I intend to make some cordial out of,  carrots, sweetheart cabbage a green vegetable medley, frozen peas.  I have also bought milk and a pot of live natural yogurt as a starter base for a new batch of home made yogurt.  The water kefir, milk kefir, Sourdough Starter and Kombucha will also be seen to later on.

So quite a nice selection really to get stuck into and that's without anything else I have stockpiled to deal with.  

I also need to get some onions to make some onion marmalade.  I am also starting to look at chutney recipes

And we have a small piece of roast pork for tea tonight to have in sandwiches and home made apple sauce.  So things can't be too bad.

I also need to nip out and get some potatoes - they did not have any sacks at the veg shop but the local Polish shop has some small sacks that will get me out of bother for now.  It will be end of September for the bigger sacks now.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx


  1. Heavens, you will be busy! I like the sound of lots of rhubarb and I like even more all your plans for it. I just love it in crumbles or stewed and served hot with ice cream. I tried it in place of apple in a cake the other day but it didn't take very rhubarby. Eloise

  2. I mentioned on one of your posts that Asda sell kilner-style jars for £3. I've been in there this morning and I got it wrong: they are £1 for small (hold about 1ib jam I think), £1.50 for medium and £2 for large. Hope that info is useful. Eloise

    1. Thanks Eloise I will bear that in mind. Thanks for sharing. Pattypanx

  3. The best chutney recipe I have found is Old Dower House chutney, recipe on Google.

    1. Hello and welcome. I have not heard of that one I will have to look out for it. Thank you for the recommendation. Pattypan x


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