Monday, 3 July 2017

And so the attack on the Herb border continues

........I am still working hard on the herb border we are very slowly getting there and the garden even though in disarray is starting to look half tidy if I do say so myself.  Its a lot of hard work.  I have been in the garden since getting home from work and I must say that I have loved it being out in the fresh air after a long day in the office.  Pure utter serenity and peace just what the Dr ordered and oh boy was it needed today.

I am also starting to sort out some existing pots some that came from my mums which still has the last of her home grown Fuschias in it.  The tub of violets originally from my Great Grandmothers garden then my Grandad's then my mums and the tub of Lily of the Valley which I helped her plant.

Its as though she has been working there alongside me.  She loved her garden now I realise why.  It is very cathartic.  Now I am getting started I wish it was bigger but I will get there.  

I have a little corner near the shed that I want to grow some climbers up the fence and create a cosy little nook where I can put my little round table for two and eat my breakfast on the fine days in complete privacy.  I have all the bits to put it in place but I am working my way methodically to this little corner.  I also want to put some hanging baskets there.

I have been working all night up until about half an hour a go I then had the watering up to do.  I still have an awful lot to do but it is slowly getting there.  Its not for the lack of effort in any event.  I just want it to look nice for a change. But hey Rome wasn't built in a day.  Hopefully I will get to play a bit tomorrow night as well.  Wednesday I am out for the evening.

So upward and onwards.

Catch you soon.



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