Sunday, 16 July 2017

Autumn Fruiting

Is not that far off.  We walked Missy yesterday evening and even though it is only about a week since I last walked with them everything seems to have changed in the space a few short days.

The red cherry plums have fallen.

The elderberries are starting to swell out and there are lots of clusters so it would appear there is going to be a good crop of elderberries round this way.

We found a planted tree.  Just a one off it looks like a plum of some sort.  However very unusual as if the Council have planted it they normally do not do just one but several.  So it may be that a member of the public has planted it.  Fruit is growing in any event.

I went nosying around a tree as I saw a silver birch had been chopped down and I was looking to see if there were any small pieces that I could have brought back to the house and I got goose-grassed.

Rosehips are starting to swell.  They are yet to change colour but the other day they still had petals.

Blackberries starting to ripen.  I tasted one it wasn't quite ripe it was soft but tart ideal for some wild blackberry gin or vodka.

The grass is even more golden than it was last time.

In the stillness of the early evening a rabbit takes a moment totally unaware that my lens was focused on him.

So in the bigger scheme of things I think we may be on a little further with the seasons than we thought we were.  Definitely round here anyway.

Catch you soon.



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