Saturday, 1 July 2017

Charity Shop Finds

Its been one of those days I have been into town to do some shopping I have a regular route and before I had even started things were jumping off the shelf and into my basket and yet I was not particularly looking for anything.  But I am pleased with what I have found.  Much of it adding to or complementing stuff I already have.  

First of all there is this very pretty vase.  It reminds me of Portmerion there is a stamp on the bottom but I cannot read what it says I am going to have to fish the magnifier out.  I think my eyes need testing but needless to say I am pretty pleased with the vase.  It cost me £2.00

Then there was this pretty little headdress/wreath  at 50p which I can utilise in my bedroom as a small wreath.  I will probably add some pretty pink ribbon though.

Then there was this pretty three quarter sized duvet cover which is prettily embellished with lace and ribbon I have popped the headdress on to give it some distinction. £3.99

Then there was this pretty duvet cover again three quarter sized with two pillowcases.  I was initially looking at this for a backing for some patchwork but I think I may leave it as it is as a spare for the spare bedroom. £4.99

There were then two large Kilner jars which will come in useful for my flavoured vodka experiments £3 each.

Then I came across 12 small coffee/tea cups and eight saucers and four large teacup saucers for under £7 the lot.  Its the BHS Vine design.  I bought a 12 piece setting when it was first available but have managed to break quite a few pieces and just recently I have been adding to the set.  I am aiming for a 24 piece set eventually.  I have also been trying to add the serving dishes and other bits and bobs I did not get at the time.  So I am very chuffed to be able to add these to my collection.  

When I was first married I was bought some of these glasses as a wedding present by one of my family members.  I think they were originally from Timothy Whites/Boots and I have a set of all these glasses but when I saw these I just had to add them. £3 a set.

And two sets of Green Glass Hock Glasses.  More green glass to go with my other vintages pieces and my dinner service.  £3 a set.

So not a bad day all told.

Catch you soon.




  1. That's a portmeirion botanic garden canton vase (aquilegia) What a great find

  2. Thanks Angela, it felt like Portmerion but as my eyesight is not what it was I cannot quite make it out. Thank you very much for confirming. I seem to have had a really good day for finds. Take care.




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