Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Home Made Creme De Menthe

I have been mooching round Pinterest and I came across this recipe.  I intend to have a go at it to see whether it comes up anything like proper Crème de menthe which I absolutely adore.

I have also had trouble finding it just recently (that is the Crème de Menthe) - I think the stores are keeping in more modern drinks like the new vodkas and Artisan Gins that are hitting the market.  However me I am old fashioned.  I also have a rather nice Crème de Menthe Turkish Delight recipe as well as Rose one.

Well its worth a try!  If it doesn't work out I won't try it again.  Catch you soon.




  1. Something I've never had but curious to try! Hope it works xx

  2. If you like Mint you will like this. This is one of the original digestives that was served after a meal and supposed to aid the digestion. That is how a lot of the drinks we know as liqeuers started off but I am quite partial to the commercial version in any event. I usually get it in for Christmas where it does double jeopardy. Must say I am intrigued as to how it will turn out too. Will post the results up.

    Take care




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