Sunday, 16 July 2017

I am in the garden

Trying to tidy up and get things sorted.  Likely to be here all day and then we have to go to the tip later on.  But work needs to be done,  My tomatoes have collapsed on me and have got a bit dried out so I am not sure whether they will survive or not.  It would appear that the rain hardly helped despite it being constant so I will do what I can but I am a bit bummed about it.  Rest of the plants not too bad and I do have a cucumber and two more diddy ones.  Courgetttes are coming on strong.  .  Its been a while since I have done a bit, and things have been coming back to me slowly. Will do better next year.    Am sorting out the growing racks at the moment as I tend when not to have seeds sown in them to use them for storing the plant pots. They have got a bit untidy and as we are going to the tip later on to get rid of a load of rubbish I am having a good sort out here.  The growing houses are going to be moved soon anyway but if they are tidy they will not take much moving.  

At the end of the herb garden before you hit the shed there is a small corner (where the growing houses are at present) and I want to put a beam up at the end of the fencing onto the house wall plant up one of my mum's large plant  -pots and pop in a rambling rose in the corner and then train the rose up the beam and also put some freestanding trellis up behind so that it can trail both ways.   That way next door neighbour cannot complain and I can still have my plants.  He's an interfering old busy body.  That's the plan anyway.  The growing houses frames need a bit of tarting up so I well may in the next few weeks or so get some paint to cover this which will match in for the colour for the shed.  I intend this strip to be the main path into the main garden and the other path round the side of the shed I intend to put some trellis up at the end and create a cosy breakfast nook where I can put my small table and chairs and eat my breakfast out of the sight of prying eyes and peacefully.

I am hopeful that the fence is going to be done shortly.  A Chap came around in the week to measure up and quote to the landlord.  I have a bit of sorting to do before they can get into the garden.  Hence me being in there today.  Looks like I am going to be in most of the week but it will be a job well done.  Then once the fence is up I can put the Gazebo up and we will have a modicum of privacy.

I will pop up my reply to the Question I asked today later on and the reasoning behind it.  Thank you for those who have responded it has been very interesting seeing what you would actually do.

Get back to you later - the garden is calling.  Fortunately it is overcast and not too warm so I am able to get on.

Catch you soon.



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  1. Some neighbors can be great and others not.
    I have space around me and I'm happy with that.
    (perfectly happy not having close neighbors)


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