Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I have gone and done it - All things Preserving

Invested in a pressure canner that is.  I have invested in a Presto 23qt dial gauge air vented pressure canner.  It came down to price really and although I like the look of the American Canner realistically I cannot afford one at the moment.  It may be at a later date things will change but at least I am going to have a canner to put up some of the things I want to safely.  I have been collecting all sorts of recipes on Pinterest for canning and preserving and I have a Ball Book of Canning which I bought from Lakeland plus a couple of other books I have acquired along the way.  I have purchased it through ebay and with shipping charges and import duty it works out at about £135.  So not too bad in the greater scheme of things.  I have been messing around far too long where this is concerned and I need to get going.  So I am very much looking forward to playing with this too.  I am quite excited.  Sad I am.

Today I have also bought one of the new preserving jars which are meant for fermenting items like kimchi or sauerkraut or the like.  Not sure at the moment what I am going to do with it but no doubt I will find something.

Here is a link to the items on Lakeland.

and here

Here are some recipe links as well:

I have also bought a couple of bottles in which to store my home made Raspberry vinegar.  I may buy a few more of these in due course in which to store other home made flavoured vinegars.  

I know a lot of you like preserving and some of you are new to it and others have never done anything at all but are keen to learn.  With preserving its all about having the recipes in the first place.  To start with and certainly in my case I have collected recipes and some I have not thought much off but ended up going back to during the course of time and with more experience.  So  keep your recipes.

A lot of the larger companies who provide preserving equipment online also have recipe sites as well.

Starting with Lakeland here is a link to their preserving recipes:

And there are a lot of lovely recipes there.  Two pages of very different recipes as well as some real basics.

Then there is the Kilner Jar Company.  Again a very interesting website which a recipe section.  Just make sure you save the recipes as every so often they update and change the recipes.  So print it off whilst you have the chance

Then there is the Jam Jar Shop

And the recipe site.  Their instructions for making home made mustard are particularly good and easy to follow as are the other recipes.  Butterscotch sauce.  Yum.

The Preserve Shop - has a recipe for Sloe Gin but from what I could see that was it.  It does have some lovely cookery books though most of which I have.  If interested in meat and fish curing the book Cured is a must have.

Wares of Knutsford

They also have a blog and a free newsletter.  You can download this for free and back issues.  You have to go through the process as if you were placing an order but there is no charge and then they provide confirmation and you just click on the links.   I must say everything I have purchased from them so far has been top class and reasonable on price,

There are others but I will deal with them another day

Sorry this is a bit top heavy but there is quite a lot of links etc. I have come across over the years and this is not all. There are more to go.

The above companies also provide a lot of other preserving equipment.  There sure is a different variety between them.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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