Sunday, 16 July 2017

In the garden continued

Its been a hard old slog and I have only got a little way.  However slowly and surely I am getting there.  Its been raining on and off and I have not bothered to come in.  I moved my mums potting tray as it was on the garden floor and emptied it because it was full of water.  Then was quite upset as I had made a frog homeless.  He has disappeared into the mass of tomato plants so will have to pop some more water down for him(which I have since done and provided a stepping/hopping stone for him to get into the pond.  I have been very lucky over the years and we have nearly always had a frog in the garden even though I have no pond and it is good to give them some kind of an environment especially  when they are so good at keeping the bugs away. 

I have managed to weed out all down the edge of the shed - its not possible to put any plants in down there as the strip is too narrow and it also has the slab cement on the edge, so I  have put some tubs down there with my shop bought herbs in them.  I have found that the nice deep planters are ideal for these herbs keeping them upright although I have not planted them into the soil they are on some gravel which means they are able to absorb the heat and the water.  Seems to be working anyway and they look very healthy.

I am aiming to clear the path down the side of the shed so that I can relocate the three growing houses.  Two of them I had anyway and the third came from my mums.  Two are the same one different but to pull them all together and tie them in I have decided to paint them.  Will pop into Wilkos during the week and see if they have anything suitable.  They need to go further down the existing path which is cluttered up at the moment just for the time being - until their permanent position is sorted and cleared.  I need to be able to access them because I have all sorts of gardening paraphernalia in there which I use regularly so it has to be easily accessible.

I need to add soil to my tomato plant pots as well to sort them out a bit and also tidy up the cucumber plant. I have a cucumber plus three smaller ones.

I have just stopped  to get a drink and also to get Sunday dinner on we have a choice of roast chicken or roast pork., together with home made stuffing with sausage meat added, roasties. roast onion, mixed vegetable medley, carrots and mashed potato and oh lots and lots of gravy.  Whatever is not used today will do for tomorrow.  it will not go to waste and the stuffing goes perfectly with both of them.

Dinner was delish and just what the Doctor ordered.  We had the roast pork.  It had been reduced at the Co=Op and I got it for £4.  There is still plenty left for tomorrow if we want it or he can have it for sarnies to take to work.

I have since been back out into the garden and have been attacking the self-set brambles cutting them back little by little and getting pricked in the process despite wearing some leather gloves and a pair of marigolds on the inside.  Don't do creepie crawlies in the gloves so better safe than sorry. 

Have got on better than I thought I would but it looks as though its going to be a week of gardening when I get in from work to try and get the garden back into some sort of order and also to get plants potted up etc.  If I can get the garden squared during the week I will get the paint and paint the shed next weekend and should then be able to get my table into the little nook so that I can eat my breakfast in peace and quiet.  Its hard work but it will be worth it in the end.

OH is going to have to help me though as the contents of his collapsed shed are on the side and some of the things need keeping so I need his assistance with that.  The rest can go to the tip later in the week.  I am determined to have as good a clear out as I can in the garden.  I still have lots of things planned and there is still an awful lot to do.

The tomatoes look a little better than they did first thing which is the main thing I may well have just got to them in time but they are going to need some sorting out during the course of the week.

Right had better get a wriggle on; have to get ready for work tomorrow.  With all the bending and pulling, cutting etc. my back and my legs feel as if they do not belong to me.

Catch you soon.



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