Saturday, 29 July 2017

Its been one of those mornings so far

It started with a visit to work for me as last evening I lost my mobile phone.  So to make absolutely sure before I started to make further detailed search I popped into work - I had managed to leave it on my desk overnight!  So safely recovered it was back home. 

OH had to go out to be fitted for his suit.  I inadvertently had been teasing him that his son had texted me and told me what he would be wearing i.e. one of these light up rotating dickie bows and that he would be wearing his birthday suit - ala Frank Butcher.

I am not sure whether he believed me or not but to be on the safe side he did mention it to my step son - who declined all knowledge.  However I may have inadvertently given my step son an idea.  He is an eternal joker!

Anway, he got scrubbed up and  donned the proverbial clean undies and off he went to get fitted up.

He has at long last met the bride's father and he has a sense of humour so that is a good start!  We are all also staying over the night before the wedding so will get to know them a little better then.  Dad is divorced from mum, and has a new partner - same on our side, both separated mums will be attending as well.  So from what I can understand the top table will have my step-son and the bride.

After his fitting, OH has come back absolutely starving so brunch it was egg, bacon, sausages and fried eggs which has gone down very nicely.

In the interim I paid a visit to the Charity shop and retrieved the cooking pans I bought last week a set of three very large pans but only two lids.  They will be idea for brewing - I want to brew some beer a little later, but will also come in useful for other projects.

  I also came away with two raspberry pink Lampshades which are in superb condition(£3 each), so they have been squirrelled away for use at a later date.  At the moment it is the wrong shade of pink for the front room but I have an idea.

I also bought four old floral tea plates (£1.20), five pink pyrex dishes (£2.50), a brand new Mason Cash pudding basin (£1.50). 

Then I went to the veg shop; I have come back with loads of tomatoes, loads of plums, more Apricots, some more of the multi coloured lemons, two large cauliflowers.  Am going to make some Cauliflower cheese, plum, chutney, pasta sauce, so have my work cut out as usual.  Now all systems go getting the tomatoes roasted with garlic, leek, onion, and Basil and thyme.  Then once cooked it has to go into the food processor then into sterilised jars and hot water bottled processed.  So as I say a lot to do as usual but hopefully it means I am going to have a good stock of food ready to hand which will be increased once the Canner arrives.

I am lucky in that I have access to reduced tomatoes at £1 a kg, apples, plums and pears the same.  The shop where I go has a trolley outside of the shop where they sell off produce that is not in perfect condition but it is still more than useable.  It is ideal for preserving jams, chutneys, pickles, etc.  If I had my way this is how I would have everyone buy their veggies as you get so much more for your money.  If you don't use those facilities available to you then they will go and will not be replaced.

My Shallots and picklers have been ordered and I have asked for Victoria Plums  and Greengage.  So we shall wait and see what happens.

Catch you later.



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