Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Monday night bits and bobs

Its been a busy day so far.  First off I had to attend at Peterborough City Hospital to see an Occupational Therapist as the firm were concerned about my recent attacks and wanted to know whether they could put any strategies in place to assist me.  I think things went reasonably well, unusually I liked the Dr who assessed me (I don't normally take to officials) and he listened to me which makes all the difference.  We shall just have to wait and see.

Things were manic at work as we had one on holiday and one unexpectedly ill so it has been a bit non stop all day and I am a little cream crackered to say the least. 

OH collected me from work and then we took Missy for a walk down by the river.  He normally walks her before he collects me so it made a nice change to actually stretch my legs in-between leaving work and going home.  Being in the fresh air makes all the difference.

Won't be long before I am in bed (that is if I manage to get Demetri in).  There is a cat he just does not like lurking in the area.   As I am typing this he is standing sentinel on his fence post surveying for intruders.  I doubt at this rate I will get him in.

OH has already crashed out with his partner in crime.

On the home front I popped to the shop and have some more ingredients with which to feed the dehydrator.  I have spring onions, spinach, celery to process.  Every little will help.

I have also bought double cream and am going to make some flavoured butters for storing in the freezer for use over the year and just to give a little more zing.  Will probably do that tomorrow night with my little butter churner.

I have been playing with the Dehydrator again tonight. ( I have prepared a separate post about this which will probably get popped up tomorrow) I really should have been cleaning the kitchen but that will have to wait until tomorrow night.

I have also been researching how to deal with different food stuffs and dry them and then once they are dried how to use them.  If you have your own land and grow your own ie veggies and fruit I would say that you could not afford to be without one of these very useful gadgets.  I can see their full potential especially in saving foodstuffs and pennies and having minimum waste.  You can even dry peelings etc. and then pop them on the compost heap.

Right I have things to do yet (aside from getting the cat in) in readiness for tomorrow at work.  I have a top to iron for OH as well as the cats to feed. So I had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.




  1. My husband has built me a solar dehydrator. I appreciate it cannot be used all year round but it is great fun seeing tomatoes changing as they lie in the sun!

    1. Hi Louise, its still a handy piece of kit. Before getting the Dehydrator I did quite a bit of air drying in the airing cupboard for apple slices off thin wooden poles and drying herbs in little bunches with a brown or white paper cone to keep away the dust and then tied with string so it could be held up to dry. It works and everything in its place and at least you are not going to get the electric bills. I have some more stuff to go in once the Raspberries and citrus have dried through. I am going to start some tomatoes off in the oven with some oil and some fresh thyme to get a little bit of caramelisation on them and then I am going to finish them off In the Dehydrator. Don't know whether it will work or not but I am having a try. Keep a look out on Ebay or one of the other selling sites like Spochk (I think that's how you spell it) If you wanted one you might come across one that is a little bit cheaper or a different model. It would be good to run alongside your solar one. Both have their place. I have the Excalibur and it has 9 trays but it has a timer and a temperature gauge which is for me helpful. I had a previous one which had no temperature or time on it and it was a bit hit and miss at times. I can only try and see what happens. Take care and thanks for popping by.

      Pattypan xx


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