Saturday, 22 July 2017

Saturday Evening Round up

Last night we had gentle rain and it was wet when I got up this morning.

I had a bit of a lay in this morning and rested my foot some more and it is a lot comfier than it was.

The day then started with bathing the dog.  She gets a yeast infection in her skin which flares up every so often so we have to regularly bathe her with a specific product which costs £30 from the vets.  It does last a while but in the summer she tends to be worse so we end up bathing her more. (I suppose the nearest to it in human terms is psoriasis - which gets worse with the heat).   She is usually quite good when it comes to a bath as long as OH is not around if he is there she misbehaves but when he is not she is as good as gold.  However I always get a good shake from her as she shares the love around and drenches me in the process. Lovely that she is.

We have had brunch instead of breakfast (it was gone 12 before I even decided); egg and bacon with fresh bread and butter and fresh pressed orange juice.  Simple but it went down very nicely.  I have being doing battle royal with the kitchen and it is not going well.  Its monthly scrub out time.  I clean every week but with me working full time I do the good scrub out as well just to make sure everything is really clean.  I  have also done a couple of simple things with  things for the Putdown.  You will have to wait and see..

I also went to the veg shop and bought some large lemon/limes (they could be either they are multi-coloured).  I have some more Strawberries and some peaches and more rhubarb and apples. and pears  I have plans for these as well.  I have some more chillies and tomatoes as you can never have too much pasta sauce or dried chillis.  Time for the roasted pasta sauce I think.   I have onions, basil, leeks and tomatoes in.  Just need to roast it all in the oven with some fresh herbs and then when it is cooked I pop it into the food processor and whizz it up. It is then decanted into sterilised jars some lemon juice popped into each jar and then hot water bath processed.  I have been making this for the past 9 years or so. This is not a smooth sauce like a ketchup or a passata and is nothing like bought pasta sauce as that has a lot of other flavours and sugar added.  I use this for lasagne and as a pasta sauce and often pep the flavours up when I come to use the sauce so please bear this in mind. However we do like it there are no nasties in there and its all good food.

I also have raspberries, blueberries and strawberries that I picked up quite cheaply.  They may go into a jumbleberry jam.

So not too bad a day although I always think by the time you get into a weekend its time to get ready to go back to work.  It would be nice one day if I did not have to and was able to do a lot of the things that I like doing when I want.

It started raining here again about 3:55pm - we need it or the gardens do.  We had a heck of a thunder storm during the week.  It was lightning all the previous evening and then in the early hours there was quite a lot of thunder clapping.  Guess who slept through it.  

I am ummhing and ahhing about a sewing machine at the moment.  I have seen a Janome which has a hundred or so stitches.  A really good solid basic machine which from what I have seen looks relatively easy to use. 

I have also been hanging my nose over an embroidery machine. I haven't got a lot to spend either so I am thinking go for the good all rounder and then when I can afford it and I get back into using the sewing machine again maybe then go for an embroidery one.  I have been thinking about making  my own clothes again as well as using for patchwork and other associated projects.  I love making things and I like to play.  Am still in the process of deciding.  Ideally I would like an all singing all dancing but as I don't really know what their capacity is and what I can do with them I am very much erring on the side of caution at the  moment. (besides the fact I cannot afford that sort of money at the moment)  anyone have any ideas or information as to where I can find out more.  It is a considered purchase and yet again I really want to get it right.  I have in the past bought things and then outgrown them pretty quickly which mistake I am hoping not to repeat here or have ended up buying something that I really did not want as it was the only one affordable at that particular time.  I would rather save up and get what I am really after but equally I need to know the potential of the machine.

Janome DKS100 Sewing Machine

I am also hanging my nose over a pressure canner.  Yet again don't really know which one to go for.  The Presto or the All American.  The Presto seems to be more prolific and more parts seem to be available but the All American looks sturdier.  Not sure.  Don't want to make a mistake it is a lot of money.  It is about the only piece of preserving equipment I have not got so do want to get it right.  Yet again a considered purchase.  That when bought would be most of the major pieces of equipment to hand which would give me so much more choice.  I am particularly interested in canning soups and meat as well as a lot of other things as well.  Will most definitely need a bigger pantry then.  Any ideas or anyone have any input to give.  Be pleased to hear.

The Presto

Product Details

Or The All American

Product Details
However I did drop lucky this morning at the Charity Shop a set of three extremely large cooking pans the type that you get in an Indian Kitchen when they are preparing for a party.  They are very big.  As I am considering having  a go at beer brewing in the future thought that these might be helpful in this regard and for other things as well.

I also managed to find a glass butter dish for £1; so I bought it as a spare just in case I need it in the future.  I had a right song and a dance finding the last one.  I also bought a Green Dawn Pitcher type jug and bowl.  Thought that they would be ideal for puddings i.e. a custard jug and a cold pudding dish.

Also whilst I was mooching about the Internet it looks as though a new book is going to be released on the preserving front by Kilner on 10 August 2017.

Apparently it has over 100 recipes in.  Might be worth having a look at.

Right things to do  - better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.




  1. Hi there. On the sewing machine front. The Janome would be just find, then see if you really need/want the other later. At present I have a Pfaff Hobby then I have. Pfaff one that has all the bells and whistles for quilting along with many embroidery stitches. Guess what? I use my plain jane one way more.
    On the pressure canner, I have the presto one. My sister has had her presto for for about fifty years. She only ever has replaced the rubber. I have had mine for roughly fifteen years and have never had a problem. I can meats, stews etc. with mine and my sister does all of the above as well as fish. We also do most of our veggies and fruits this way. Hope this helps.

  2. Hello Jean,

    Thank you for that; that was the way I was leaning anyway but just wanted everyone's input as each of us have a different take on the matter. Thank you for your thoughts.

    I must say I like the look of the Presto one but did not know if there was any real difference between the All American and Presto. Your sister is a good advert for the Presto.

    Thank you once again.

    Kind regards.

    Tricia (aka Pattypan)


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